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Been hankering to defragment your HFS Plus formatted disks? Alsoft’s PlusOptimizer and the public beta of Norton Speed Disk 4.0 should help. Also this week, Jeff Carlson reports on the woes of Macintosh early adopters of Palm’s 2 MB PalmPilot upgrade card, and Adam finishes off his comprehensive backup series with answers to some sticky questions. In news, UserLand announces pricey subscriptions for Frontier 5.1 and Connectix releases Surf Express 1.1.5.

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The Final Free Frontier

The Final Free Frontier -- In brief letters to registered Frontier users last week, UserLand Software announced a charter pricing structure for Frontier 5.1, the soon-to-be-released version of their cross-platform scripting and Web content tool

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Surf Express Updated for Speed

Surf Express Updated for Speed -- Connectix has released a free update to Surf Express, the company's Web acceleration software that improves performance via a more intelligent caching scheme than that used by most browsers

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As the HFS Plus Disk Turns

Apple's introduction of Mac OS Extended Format, the new disk format better known as HFS Plus, has engendered no small amount of consternation in the Macintosh community because it's incompatible with many previous disk utilities - see "All About Macintosh Extended Format (HFS Plus)" in TidBITS-414

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Have You Backed Up Today? Part 4

TidBITS readers have both offered useful additional information and raised a number of interesting questions concerning the issues that swirl around backup strategies, as discussed in the previous three parts of this series. My Backup Strategy -- A number of people asked me to explain the specifics behind my backup strategy, hoping that they could apply my rationale to their situation