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When Apple releases the iMac, Mac users won’t have to sit at the back of the (Universal Serial) Bus any longer. Jerry Kindall explains USB and what it means for Mac users. We also look at how ShareWay IP keeps the TidBITS staff connected, plus news about PlusOptimizer and DiskExpress Pro, the Web log analyzer Summary, Extension Overload, BBEdit 4.5.3, the new WinMac mailing list, The Tilery 4.0, and Palm Buddy, a helpful tool for PalmPilot users.

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PlusOptimizer Jumps, DiskExpress Pro Upgrade Promised

PlusOptimizer Jumps, DiskExpress Pro Upgrade Promised -- Little more than a week after Alsoft released the $29.95 PlusOptimizer, the company's disk optimization software that works with HFS Plus volumes (see the TidBITS Update "PlusOptimizer Defragments HFS Plus Volumes"), a free update to version 1.1 has appeared

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BBEdit Moves to 4.5.3

BBEdit Moves to 4.5.3 -- Bare Bones Software last week released a free updater for BBEdit 4.5, the commercial version of the company's popular text and HTML editor

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Serving Up Web Summaries

Serving Up Web Summaries -- Jason Linhart, who maintains the Macintosh version of the freeware Web log analysis program Analog, has released Summary 1.0, a fascinating take on Web log analysis

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Overloaded with Extensions

Overloaded with Extensions -- Teng Chou Ming has released the $10 shareware Extension Overload 2.7, a stand-alone DOCMaker document that provides information about 666 extensions, 245 control panels, Easter Eggs, Macintosh error codes, and more

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USB and You

With the announcement of the iMac we started hearing a totally new abbreviation in the Macintosh world - USB. Gone were our familiar ADB ports and modem ports and printer ports, not to mention SCSI