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This issue is crawling with mice, with part two of Warren Magnus’s overview of the USB mouse and driver market and this week’s poll asking what sort of pointing device you prefer. Last week’s poll about email clients merits additional discussion, and Adam briefly skims over the major offerings while examining the results. In the news, Aladdin releases StuffIt Deluxe 5.1.5 and 5.5, plus StuffIt Expander 5.5 and DropStuff 5.5. No issue next week!

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Next Issue 06-Dec-99

Next Issue 06-Dec-99 -- Due to the Thanksgiving holiday and associated family plans, the next issue of TidBITS will appear in two weeks on 06-Dec-99. However, we'll continue to post TidBITS Updates to our Web site, and TidBITS Talk will continue unabated

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Poll Preview: A Mouse in the House

Poll Preview: A Mouse in the House -- Apple has stuck with a simple, single-button mouse because novice users can find multiple-button mice confusing. However, a two-button rodent is standard fare on PCs, and third parties have created a bewildering array of pointing devices in different shapes, sizes, and colors

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Poll Results: Your Preferred Mac Email Client

One of our goals with last week's poll was to show people the wide variety of email clients available for the Macintosh. As it has become one of the major forms of communication in today's society, email has turned into a tremendously personal task, and the software you use to read email reflects your individual preferences and uses