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Macworld Expo in San Francisco is still on our thoughts, as we pass along our traditional Macworld Superlatives article, looking at the coolest of the cool. Also this week, Jeff Carlson delves into the Apple’s Mac OS X interface preview – register your opinion of the Mac OS X user interface in this week’s poll! In the news, we cover the releases of FileMaker Pro 5 Unlimited, WebSTAR 4.2, SoundJam 1.6, and DiskWarrior 2.0.

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FileMaker Pro 5 Unlimited Ships

FileMaker Pro 5 Unlimited Ships -- FileMaker Inc. has shipped the English language version of its $1,000 FileMaker Pro 5 Unlimited, which removes FileMaker Pro 5.0's little-loved licensing restrictions and ten-Internet-users-in-twelve-hours limit, and adds the FileMaker Web Server Connector, a Java servlet that permits databases published via FileMaker Pro 5 Unlimited to be served via popular high-end Web servers like StarNine's WebSTAR, Apple's AppleShare IP, Apache, and Microsoft's IIS

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DiskWarrior 2.0

DiskWarrior 2.0 -- Alsoft has introduced DiskWarrior 2.0, the latest version of its data recovery and directory optimization tool. In addition to its lauded directory optimization, fully functional preview feature, and near-magical CD-ROM that can start up a wide range of Mac systems (see "Fighting Corruption with Alsoft's DiskWarrior" in TidBITS-486), DiskWarrior 2.0 adds DiskShield, a new feature that checks the validity of any directory information being written to or read from your disks

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Poll Results: Apple of Your iFuture?

Poll Results: Apple of Your iFuture? Although many Macworld Expo attendees were expecting Steve Jobs to make hardware announcements (even the attendees not swayed by rumor sites), the major news turned out to be Apple's suite of new Internet services such as iTools and iCards

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Macworld Expo SF 2000 Superlatives

At each Macworld Expo, we endeavor to locate a singular example of what the show represents: a product or clever metaphor that perfectly encompasses the deeper currents of what it means to float in a sea of 70,000+ Mac enthusiasts

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A Quick Dip into Aqua, the Mac OS X Interface

One of the few surprises at last week's Macworld Expo in San Francisco was a first look at the new Mac OS X user interface. Although the new operating system was announced in mid-1998 and its technical features (like preemptive multitasking and protected memory) are known, those things don't have the potential to stir up the ire and interest of Mac users quite so much as the notion of tampering with the Mac OS look and feel. So when Steve Jobs said that he was going to show off the Mac OS X user interface, which he claimed has been one of the best-kept secrets within Apple, I perked up