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Mac OS X is coming soon, and there’s much more to it than the Aqua interface. This week Chris Pepper looks at Mac OS X’s Unix foundation. And if a digital camera is on your gift list, Arthur Bleich offers advice about essential accouterments like printers, batteries, and memory cards. In the news, Nisus Software releases Nisus Writer 6.0.1 (including 68K support and the TidBITS AutoCorrect Dictionary), and we ask you to vote in our poll on how TidBITS should cover product announcements.

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Quiz Results: Lord of Your Own Domain?

Quiz Results: Lord of Your Own Domain? Last week's quiz followed up on ICANN's endorsement of seven new Internet top-level domains (TLDs) by asking which of the following domains - .org, .cc, .mil, .web, .um, .is, or .biz - was not an existing domain or one of the seven new TLDs

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Poll Preview: On Releases and Announcements

Poll Preview: On Releases and Announcements -- We'd like to get your opinion about the types of product news you see in TidBITS. Traditionally, TidBITS covers products only when you can download or purchase them, rather than when they're initially announced by companies, which can be months before they're available

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Digital Camera Accouterments

If you've ever tried to put together a good audio-video system, you know the angst that goes with it. Even with an unlimited budget, you have to make hard choices between this amplifier and that receiver and those speakers