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Macworld Expo is upon us, so we’ll be slogging through the crowds this week to gawk at the latest from Apple and others. In the meantime, we have money and music on our minds. First, Adam explores the PayPal person-to-person payment service and laments its lack of utility for micropayments. Then Travis Butler sings the praises (and some blues) about the Nomad Jukebox MP3 player. Also, Palmtop Publishing has posted a Macworld show guide for Palm handhelds.

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Macworld Expo Pocket Show Guide Returns

Macworld Expo Pocket Show Guide Returns -- After an involuntary and unfortunate modification for last year's Macworld Expo NY, the free Macworld Expo Pocket Show Guide from Palmtop Publishing has returned in full, complete with exhibitor listings, booth locations, and a floor map

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Worthy Web Sites: PayPal

In all the fuss over the rise and (seeming) fall of commerce on the Internet over the last few years, I never saw significant movement toward micropayments, which many people (including myself and Jakob Nielsen) consider the necessary evolution of payment schemes on the Internet

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Portable MP3: The Nomad Jukebox

The MP3 format is revolutionizing our music-listening lives. Unfortunately, for those of us on the go, carrying the revolution along has been a problem - practical portable MP3 solutions have been some time in coming. If you already lug a laptop, it's an option - but a heavy one with limited battery life, and your MP3s must compete with your work for limited disk space