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Want to carry your MP3 collection with you? Travis Butler compares the Archos Jukebox with the previously reviewed Nomad Jukebox. Security is on Glenn Fleishman’s mind now that the WEP privacy protocol used by Apple’s AirPort and other 802.11b wireless networking devices has been shown to be easily broken. In the news, Microsoft appeals the monopoly ruling to the Supreme Court, Apple discontinues KidSafe, and Maxum releases PageSentry 4.0.

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PageSentry 4.0 Watches From Mac OS X

PageSentry 4.0 Watches From Mac OS X -- Maxum Development has released the latest version of their server monitoring and management utility. In short, PageSentry constantly monitors an Internet server and performs some action (sends you email, pages you, runs an AppleScript script) should the server fail to respond

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Palm and ODBC Support in Microsoft Office 10

Palm and ODBC Support in Microsoft Office 10 -- A miscommunication during my discussions with Microsoft about the two features missing from the initial release of Microsoft Office 10 led to some incorrect information in last week's article about the forthcoming office application suite. In short, both Palm synchronization and ODBC support are slated for inclusion in Office 10, but they'll appear as free add-ons that arrive some time after Office 10 itself ships

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Wireless Fishbowls

AirPort security is dead. Not the airline terminal kind, but the built-in variety found in Apple's AirPort technology and other 802.11b (also known as Wi-Fi) wireless networking hardware from many different manufacturers