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Have you missed a few TidBITS issues here and there? Geoff Duncan explains how overly aggressive filters on your email server could be bouncing TidBITS issues (and other email) into the ether. Also in this issue, Eolake Stobblehouse sings the praises of the flat-panel iMac, Adam looks ahead to events at next week’s Macworld Expo New York, eBay buys PayPal for $1.5 billion, and Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 5.2.1.

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Macworld Expo NY 2002 Events

Put on your walking shoes and Mac t-shirts - it's show time! Macworld Expo in New York City rolls around again 17-Jul-02 through 19-Jul-02. I'm looking forward to the show, as I do every year, although there's trepidation in the air once again thanks to the news that two major companies - Adobe and Macromedia - wouldn't exhibit