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Ever try to do something nice and have it come back to bite you? To the tune of $15,000? That’s what happened to author Glenn Fleishman – read on for his tale of woe. Adam then keeps things practical with his look at configuring an external hard disk for maximum utility. In the news, Apple reschedules WWDC such that it conflicts with MacHack, Al Gore joins Apple’s Board of Directors, the iPod gets an important update, and the CRT-based iMac quietly disappears.

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Al Gore Joins Apple Board

Al Gore Joins Apple Board -- Companies like to populate their board of directors with notable industry leaders, but in typical Apple fashion the company has snagged a director with more name value than most: former Vice President Al Gore

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Apple Discontinues Original iMac

Apple Discontinues Original iMac -- Nearly five years ago, Apple bucked the general computing trend by thinking different and releasing a gumdrop-shaped machine that reinvigorated the company and ushered in a wave of translucent plastics

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Publish (Electronically) and Perish?

The revolution in electronic publishing of books is still happening, though more slowly than many expected. But some of us still try to nudge things along, as I did last year by letting people who pre-ordered my iPhoto Visual QuickStart Guide download a PDF version via Amazon

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Configuring a Utility Hard Disk

Years ago, when APS Technologies was the dominant hard drive vendor in the Macintosh world, I had a chat with Paul McGraw, one of the co-founders of the company, about why APS was starting to sell Macintosh clones