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Stephan Bublava writes, "I think I have found the hidden feature of HyperCard 2.1 (regarding report printing): Just choose "Print Report..." from the File menu with the option key down

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Yay! I finally upgraded to System 7 golden a few days ago. I'd been messing around with one of the beta versions for a while, but that ended when I destroyed my hard disk briefly trying to recover some space from a partition using a version of Silverlining that didn't support System 7 disks

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Videoconferencing Thoughts

Videoconferencing is one of those nice ideas that has never much caught on because it's so pricey. However, with the terrorist scare during the Gulf unpleasantness, lots of executive types suddenly didn't feel too much like flying, evidently placing a fairly high price on their lives since they turned to videoconferencing in droves

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Disinfectant Update

Apple's Compatibility Checker erroneously claimed that John Norstad's incredibly popular virus checking utility, Disinfectant, was up to version 2.5. However, Norstad, ever the nice guy, decided to give Disinfectant a small update to make Apple feel better, so now we have a real Disinfectant 2.5

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MaxAppleZoom Dies?

A large number of people on the nets have reported that the shareware utility MaxAppleZoom has died, although others have yet to notice any ill effects