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There's been a lot of grumbling among my academic friends about how hard it is to protect a Macintosh in a public lab. Apparently the best solution so far is to use Suitcase II to load DAs into the Apple Menu and to make the entire System Folder invisible

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By now, I'm sure that you've all heard about QuickTime, Apple's multimedia extension to the Mac's system software. I personally have had trouble internalizing what QuickTime will mean to the normal Macintosh user

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West of Eden Review

Title: West of Eden - The End of Innocence at Apple Computer Author: Frank Rose Publisher: Hutchinson Business Books, 1989 Have you ever used a Macintosh? If so, have you ever wondered how such a machine - one so radically different in design and functionality from anything which preceded it - came into existence? In fact the Macintosh did have an ancestor

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It seems that I can never catch up with everything I want to write about, and since we're moving in a week or so, I just thought I'd mention the items that will be lost in the shuffle

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MAZ Returns

Ben Schaffe was kind enough to forward this message to me, posted for Naoto Horii on GEnie by Bruce Tomlin of SoundMaster fame. Ben also mentioned that MaxAppleZoom 1.4 was out, and when I looked on America Online, I saw version 1.43