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An era comes to an end, as Adam reports on the proceedings of the final ADHOC/MacHack conference. Jeff Carlson takes a break from reality, for a good cause: reviewing Star Wars Battlefront. Also this week, Geoff Duncan looks at the revised iBook and Mac mini lines, and in the news, we cover HP dropping the iPod, iPhoto 5.0.4, and Dejal Software’s Simon 2.0.

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HP Dropping the iPod

HP Dropping the iPod -- Only one month after adding the iPod shuffle to its product lineup, Hewlett-Packard reportedly plans to stop reselling Apple's iPod digital music players by the end of September 2005

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iPhoto 5.0.4 Flips Photos Properly

iPhoto 5.0.4 Flips Photos Properly -- Apple has released iPhoto 5.0.4, a minor update that "addresses an issue with browsing photos that have been auto-rotated by a camera." Honestly, I've not seen the problem (it seems to relate to editing photos that were auto-rotated by your camera and that appear in the wrong orientation), but the speed with which 5.0.4 followed 5.0.3 means that it's probably bugging a bunch of people

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Simon 2 Says: Monitor Your Server

Simon 2 Says: Monitor Your Server -- Dejal Software has released Simon 2, a major update to their server monitoring utility. Simon performs repetitive checks on a remote Internet service and reports back if the test fails and, if so, when the service comes back online

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Apple Revs Up iBooks, Doubles Mac mini RAM

Apple Computer last week took the wraps off minor updates to two affordable segments of its Macintosh product lines, speeding up and improving the iBook portable line while (finally!) doubling the default RAM installed in Mac minis. Improvements to the iBooks aren't just limited to processor speeds - which have been boosted to PowerPC G4s running at 1.33 GHz in the 12-inch model and 1.42 GHz in the 14-inch model - but extend to a higher-performance ATI Mobility Radeon graphics controller, built-in AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth wireless technology, and the scrolling trackpad and Sudden Motion Sensor technologies which originally appeared in the PowerBook G4 line

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After 20 years, ADHOC, the conference formerly known as MacHack, is shutting down. Attendance, which was similar to the level of last year at about 100, was simply too low to be sustainable; conference organizer Expotech essentially broke even on the show for the second straight year

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Pounding the Ground in Star Wars Battlefront

When I was 7 years old, I sat in the back seat of my family's car and imagined the Millennium Falcon flying through the stars in the cloudless night. We had just seen the original Star Wars movie, and it lit up my imagination like nothing before. Although the films have been disappointments since 1983's Return of the Jedi, the universe George Lucas created has thrived

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