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December is well upon us, which means that the season of end-of-year holidays is underway. We’re pleased to present you with our traditional collection of holiday gift ideas, as ably suggested by TidBITS readers just like you. So if you’re still trying to think of that perfect something for that special someone, read on for a wide variety of ideas that are sure to astonish and delight your recipients as much as they did us. Happy Holidays!

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As the snow falls gently outside my window (and it's about time!), I'd like to welcome you once again to our annual holiday gift issue. We've all been working extra hard to massage this special issue into shape, but the true thanks should go to everyone who contributed gift suggestions

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2006 Gaming Gift Ideas

Sometimes you just need a break from work, if not from your Mac. Sure, you could watch stupid human tricks on YouTube, but why not just play a game? Although the game industry constantly pushes the boundaries of reasonable hardware requirements, yesterday's games are often still a fine way to while away some spare time, so it's worth checking out previous years' suggestions, though you may need to haunt eBay to find copies

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2006 Hardware Gift Ideas

Hardware would seem to be a pretty easy category: go to Apple's online store and say, "I'll take one of everything, please!" What's more tricky is finding good hardware that adds to the Mac experience

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2006 Miscellaneous Gift Ideas

The vast majority of this year's miscellaneous suggestions are related either to the iPod or to Apple's laptops. Why? They're cute, they're portable, and clearly they're just screaming to be accessorized