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Would you buy a 23-inch MacBook? It’s not an Apple product: Jeff Porten describes how he turned an ailing 17-inch PowerBook G4 into a second monitor for his MacBook. Plus, given the increased focus on Mac security recently, John O’Fallon offers practical precautions for fending off most attacks. Also in this issue, Apple adds color to the iPod shuffle line and settles its long-running dispute with the Beatles’ Apple Corps; Nolobe acquires Interarchy and ships Interarchy 8.5; Open Door Networks updates its line of security products; the AirPort Extreme starts shipping with new details about its wireless capabilities; and Macinstruct opens a Mac tutorial contest with Adam, Tonya, and Joe as judges. Lastly, check out the first of our “Month of Apple Sales” offers on bundles of Mac-specific Take Control ebooks!

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iPod shuffle Now Colorful

Apple last week announced that the diminutive iPod shuffle is now available in five colors: pink, orange, green, blue, and the original silver. The configuration remains the same at 1 GB of memory for $80

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The Ultimate Mac Basement

In today's look at home renovation, we're travelling to the house of Soyburger, a 28-year-old video editor/computer animator/graphic designer who clearly has a flair for interior design

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DealBITS Drawing: Billable Winners

Congratulations to Steve Green of, Ed Mullin of, Matthew MacKay of, and Steve Cronin of, whose entries were chosen randomly in last week's DealBITS drawing and who received a copy of Clickable Bliss's Billable, worth $24.95

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DealBITS Drawing: SmileOnMyMac Productivity Suite

SmileOnMyMac has made a name for itself over the past few years by offering an increasing number of useful Macintosh applications. They're probably best known for PDFpen, their PDF editing utility, but they also develop DiscLabel for creating and printing CD/DVD labels, PageSender for sending documents as faxes, BrowseBack for providing a visual history of your Web browsing, TextExpander for speeding entry of repetitive bits of text, and PhotoPrinto for designing and printing photo albums and scrapbooks

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Macinstruct Opens Mac Tutorial Contest

Here's an idea I like - a contest to generate the most creative and innovative tutorials for Macintosh users. Sure, the meme is that being a Mac user means not having to read the manual, but the fact is that the Mac world is also home to some of the best writers and teachers on the planet

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Apple Ships 802.11n Base Station and Enabler

The AirPort Extreme Base Station with 802.11n is now shipping. The software enabler required to update existing Macs that have 802.11n technology built in is included with the base station, and can now also be purchased from the Apple Store for $2 (see "Two Bucks for 100 Mbps 802.11n Enabler," 2007-01-22)

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Build Your Own 23-inch MacBook

A couple of weeks ago I began sporting a new laptop: 3 GB of RAM, 200 GB hard drive, dual optical burners, 4 USB and 3 FireWire ports. But the best thing about it is the 23-inch monitor. Yes, it's a Mac

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Take Control News/05-Feb-07

Month of Apple Sales: Getting Around to It -- We're tired of the childish "Hey, look at me while I break this!" Month of Apple Bugs project, so here's a constructive alternative: four weekly "Month of Apple Sales" offers on our Mac-specific Take Control ebooks throughout the month of February