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As everyone takes a breather after last week’s iPhone 3G launch coverage, we dip back into a wide variety of topics, including Apple’s public apology for messing up the MobileMe launch and a look at how Apple’s market share is increasing. Glenn Fleishman also looks at Microsoft’s backtracking on the MSN Music debacle, the new GoBoingo application for the Mac, Nokia’s buyout of the Symbian mobile phone operating system, and how a few hundred thousand dollars can buy you a new top-level domain. Adam looks at Precipitate, which brings Spotlight searching to Google Docs files, and Rick Fay evaluates hands-free options for the iPhone. In the TidBITS Watchlist, we look at the iPod touch 1.1.5 update, the HP Printer Driver 1.1, and three updates from Rogue Amoeba: Airfoil 3.2.1, Audio Hijack Pro 2.8.2, and Nicecast 1.9.3.

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Hands-Free iPhone Options for the Car

California, Washington, and other U.S. states have instituted bans on having a conversation on a cell phone while holding it; a hands-free approach is de rigeur (and de jure). Rick Fay tried out several hands-free options for his iPhone.

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Symbian Smartphone Platform Goes Free, Partly Open Source

Nokia buys out its partners in Symbian, by far the world's most popular smartphone platform, and may change the whole nature of competition for these intelligent communicators by making it even more accessible to more handset makers. It's a shot across the bow to Apple, RIM, Microsoft, and Google, but it won't reach fruition til 2010.