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The Highlights

Adam Engst, our faithful Editor, said last year's Macworld Boston show made 1990 the "year of the upgrades." With the introduction of System 7, this years' Expo could best be called Upgrade II..

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A MultiMedia Bonanza

Those attending the show to see the latest in video and multimedia were not disappointed. The hit of the show for integrated media professionals came from Alias Research Inc., who demonstrated "the world's first freeform 3D illustration and design package," Alias Sketch[tm]

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In Conclusion…

Don't get us wrong, there was lots to see and do at the Macworld Expo this time around. A number of nifty new products and a whole host of updates to old acquaintances

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Last week's issue of TidBITS contained an article about the astronauts on board the space shuttle Atlantis planning to use AppleLink from space to communicate with ground personnel

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CE Ships Kanji QuickMail

CE Software, Inc., the publisher of QuickMail, QuicKeys2, and a bunch of other neat products, has just announced a new version of QuickMail designed to work with KanjiTalk, Apple's Japanese version of the Mac operating system

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Notebooks… the Next Generation

Apple is expected to release a series of three computers this October that will be the first Macs that deserve the name "notebook computer." That doesn't mean, though, that the rest of the industry should hold its collective breath! Outbound Systems Inc

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One Minute Magazine

According to a recent Newsbytes article that a friend found floating around at Apple, KOFY-TV, channel 20 in the San Francisco area, will be broadcasting a one-minute-long "magazine" early in the morning of 1 October

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A New Voice

Recent discussions on USENET have mentioned a new version of MacInTalk that's supposedly in the works at Apple. Last year MacInTalk sparked some heated debates when Apple announced the aging speech-synthesis software would no longer be supported and could not be counted on to work with future system software or hardware releases

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Integrated Software Wars

Back in the early days of Macintosh, when a list of all the software available for the Mac could be printed in the back of every issue of MacUser, a small company called Lotus introduced a new product class for the Mac: integrated software

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Adam and Tonya and their cats are busy moving this week! So that they can concentrate on finding a new place to live in the Redmond, WA area, settle into new surroundings and new jobs, and relax a little, I've volunteered to be your Guest Editor for a few weeks

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Since the May introduction of System 7, Apple has been shipping all computers with a coupon that users can mail to Apple, good for a free copy of System 7

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Novell is supposed to buy DRI (Digital Research Inc, makers of C/PM in the past and DR DOS in the present). This will give Novell a network OS and a desktop OS, which competes with Microsoft's inclusion of networking hooks in DOS and Windows

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What Good is the Help Menu?

"So what good is the Balloon Help menu? I already know how to use my Mac!" I've been hearing this question a lot lately, as I eavesdrop on the networks and bulletin boards

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DoveFax+ Hears Voices

One of the more interesting modem spin-offs recently is the DoveFax+. I'm personally not all that impressed with fax technology, but I think sticking fax capabilities in a modem is a good way to avoid killing more trees

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AppleLink in Space

The upcoming flight of the space shuttle Atlantis, which has been delayed a couple of times this month, will be a first for the information age. NASA's astronauts will be carrying aboard a Macintosh Portable that has been outfitted with an off-the-shelf modem and a customized version of the AppleLink software, and they'll be connecting to AppleLink and sending electronic mail from space. While this isn't the first time e-mail has been sent or received from space (earlier missions have included packet radio BBS experimenting), it will certainly be the first use of Apple's online service from space (assuming everything works as planned)