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Quicken 6.5.1

Quicken Inc. released version 6.5 of Quicken for Mac with various enhancements, including a new investment dashboard toolbar, account sidebar indicators, auto-reconcile, and bill pay. The user interface has been improved with Dashboard cards that can expand to display more information, a wider Holdings card that displays the security name instead of the stock symbol, and updated Allocation cards that provide more detailed information when hovering over a security name or pie wedge. Rebuilt from scratch to improve reliability and performance, the eBills feature brings a new Add eBill step-by-step process that doesn’t wait for everything to finish, enables you to add multiple eBills from the same bill provider, and adds a Pending Tray to the bottom of Bills & Payee screens that lists all pending eBills. Shortly after this release, version 6.5.1 was issued to resolve an issue where the Holdings card displayed the wrong number of shares for options and other minor stability and quality issues. ($34.99/$51.99/$77.99 annual subscriptions, free update for subscribers, release notes, 110 MB, macOS 10.13+)

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Comments About Quicken 6.5.1

Notable Replies

  1. I’ve been using Quicken since Windows 3.1. When I gave up on Windows and bought a Mac Pro in 2010, I have been watching Quicken for Mac. At the time, it was no substitute for “real” Quicken. I have watched the Mac version be improved over the years.

    I am so deep into Quicken that I am very risk averse about changing. Since I bought the Mac Pro, and continuing since I bought the new Mac Pro last year, I have been using VMware Fusion to run Quicken.

    If anyone has data on the compatibility of Quicken 6.5.1 with the latest Quicken Premier, I’m interested.

    I have neither time nor energy nor interest in experimenting. But would try switching if there was testimony that the transition from Premier has been smooth for others.

  2. I’m currently using Quicken Premier 6.5.1 - subscription - on my MBP.
    I’ve been using Quicken on Macs since it first came out. I’ve used a subscription for about 2 years - prior to that it was stand-alone. I’ve run 3 businesses, home and multiple bank accounts - plus investment accounts for several years. Very few problems.

    I shouldn’t think you’d have a problem shifting - but call Quicken and discuss with them - if they say there shouldn’t be a problem you can always get $s back and use what you’ve been using. I would expect you could use the stand-alone - but call them and talk with senior level agent for advice.

    Quicken on Microsoft used to have more features than a Mac - but I think that difference is becoming less.

    I expect that there may be equal or better out there - but I’m satisfied and wouldn’t shift - other than maybe going to a stand-alone when I no longer have a business need.


  3. Thanks, much, Adam. I did read the article when you published it, certainly to the photo of the underside with the machine. But I must have been interrupted and did not finish it.

    After reading it to the end just now, I went to the Quicken website. Sure enough! So the several limping-along releases after the sale to the new owner were only to serve existing customers while the newly independent company ported the entire product line to macOS. (I’m a Premier user myself, but they offer them all, from Starter to Home & Business.)

    Well, we can score one for Capital with a capital C and specifically private equity and H.I.G. Good work, investors. And hat’s off to the software crew.

    I’ll screw up my courage and then try the migration. Thanks, Glenn, for the info on file conversion. I keep my virtual machines on the Mac Pro SSD for the obvious reason, but the data, as it happens is on a HD in the MacPro internal adapter, with HFS+, a.k.a Mac OS Extended (Journaled, Encrypted). Since I am migrating from the current Quicken for Windows, I can hope it goes smoothly. Perhaps even my many connections to bank and other accounts will be migrated and just work.

    I’ll report back here. Not right away. (Too chicken.)

    Thanks again, Adam

  4. Or I’m wrong. Maybe there was not a port from Windows to Mac. The (rather second-rate) Wikipedia article on Quicken says “Quicken 2015 for Mac, released in August 2014, and later versions for Mac are built on the Quicken Essentials for Mac foundation.” But provides no citation. And mentions no later release.

    There is continuing work on the article, as recently as today. So that may change.

  5. The upgrade also added hundreds of thousands of dollars to my wife’s brokerage account. I wish she had that much money :wink: But this is typical of any Quicken upgrade and it’s a chore to figure out and get it straightened out. However, I love my Quicken

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