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Adobe Listening to Creative Cloud Complaints

Adobe has heard the complaints about the subscription-only Creative Cloud, and says it will address them. Josh Centers has the details.Show full article

TextExpander touch 2.0 Gains Features from Mac Version

Version 2.0 of TextExpander touch, the iOS version of Smile’s text expansion software, offers fill-in snippets, date and time macros, rich text support, and other features familiar to users of the Mac version.Show full article

Twitter Adds Two-Factor Authentication

Twitter joins a growing club of sites that let you reduce the chance of a hijacked login with two-factor authentication.Show full article

Elcomsoft Details Gaps in Apple’s Two-Factor Authentication Approach

Elcomsoft, a software firm that sells security-cracking software used for forensics and testing purposes, says Apple’s two-factor logins leave security holes that aren’t immediately apparent.Show full article

Google Drops Support for Standards-Based Chat

Google will no longer support the XMPP standard for its chat system as it moves from Google Talk to Hangouts. It has already severed ties with compatible, federated systems.Show full article

Apple Grilled Over Tax Practices

The U.S. Senate isn’t happy with the taxes that Apple’s paying. Is Apple worse than its competitors in using the loopholes at its disposal?Show full article

Keyboard Maestro 6 Automates Web Pages, Adds Macro Syncing

Peter Lewis of Stairways Software has updated the Keyboard Maestro macro utility to version 6, adding a slew of new features, including the capability to automate Web pages, trigger macros when USB devices are connected or disconnected, step through macros one action at a time, sync macros between Macs, and much more.Show full article

FunBITS: Marvel Unlimited App a 97-pound Weakling

Marvel Unlimited promises to be the Netflix of comics, but does its app need beefing up?Show full article

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 3 June 2013

Notable software releases this week include Napkin 1.1, Evernote 5.1, and KeyCue 6.5.Show full article

ExtraBITS for 3 June 2013

We have a heaping helping of ExtraBITS this week, including the death of the Camino browser, the EFF’s fight for podcasting, Apple’s cheaper iPod touch, Tim Cook’s grilling at D11, Glenn Fleishman’s purchase of The Magazine, and copyright in space. We ask whether Internet access is a human right and what effect electromagnetic fields have on humans. We also wanted to share pointers to a number of our own articles that didn’t fit in this week’s issue: a preview of the next generation of the Opera Web browser, the new Analog Camera app for the iPhone, how to move a Dropbox folder to another disk, the proper pronunciation of GIF, and Macworld’s ideas for Apple.Show full article

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