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We’re back from our Memorial Day hiatus with a giant-sized issue of TidBITS! Since your last email issue, Apple was grilled by the U.S. Senate about its tax practices, but is the company doing anything wrong, or even unusual? Josh Centers digs into the issues, which are far more subtle than the headlines would have you believe. The Keyboard Maestro 6 macro utility debuted in a major new revision, and Adam Engst takes you on a tour of its new features. Adobe responds to complaints about its switch to the subscription-based Creative Cloud, and Smile has updated TextExpander touch for iOS with powerful new capabilities that bring the text-expansion utility closer to the Mac version — Michael Cohen runs down the details. In security news, Glenn Fleishman explains how Twitter has added two-factor authentication and how Apple’s two-factor authentication has come under fire for not being sufficiently comprehensive. Glenn also looks at how Google is taking a page from Apple’s iMessage playbook by switching away from the open XMPP chat standard for Google Talk and the new Hangouts. Lastly, Josh rounds out the issue with an installment of FunBITS that reviews the Marvel Unlimited comic subscription service. Notable software releases this week include Napkin 1.1, Evernote 5.1, and KeyCue 6.5.

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Keyboard Maestro 6 Automates Web Pages, Adds Macro Syncing

Peter Lewis of Stairways Software has updated the Keyboard Maestro macro utility to version 6, adding a slew of new features, including the capability to automate Web pages, trigger macros when USB devices are connected or disconnected, step through macros one action at a time, sync macros between Macs, and much more.

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ExtraBITS for 3 June 2013

We have a heaping helping of ExtraBITS this week, including the death of the Camino browser, the EFF’s fight for podcasting, Apple’s cheaper iPod touch, Tim Cook’s grilling at D11, Glenn Fleishman’s purchase of The Magazine, and copyright in space. We ask whether Internet access is a human right and what effect electromagnetic fields have on humans. We also wanted to share pointers to a number of our own articles that didn’t fit in this week’s issue: a preview of the next generation of the Opera Web browser, the new Analog Camera app for the iPhone, how to move a Dropbox folder to another disk, the proper pronunciation of GIF, and Macworld’s ideas for Apple.