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Search Snippets on the Fly in TextExpander

Have a large number of snippets and can't remember them all your abbreviations? Use TextExpander's Suggest Matching Abbreviations search feature. It makes finding your snippets fast and simple.

Set your hotkey combination by going to TextExpander > Preferences > Hotkeys. Once it's set, to use the Suggest Matching Abbreviations hotkey combination:

  1. Type a few characters of your snippet or its abbreviation.
  2. Press your hotkey combination immediately after typing the characters. (Don't enter a space before pressing the hotkey combination.)
  3. A popup menu appears with all snippets that contain the characters you typed. Scroll through them and click the one you want.

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A Quick Fix for Apple TV’s Netflix Woes

Josh Centers fixed an annoying problem with Netflix on his Apple TV with a solution as old as computers themselves.Show full article

Canon EOS M Combines Quality and Simplicity at a Low Price

Although it initially received poor reviews, the Canon EOS M is now a bargain of a camera, and easy enough for a “C” photography student to take great pictures during emergency surgery. Show full article

FunBITS: The Sharknado of Game Controllers

If you’re a fan of Gameloft’s games, you can now pick up a gamepad for them on the cheap. And even if you’re not a gamer, it’s a great iPad stand.Show full article

TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 26 August 2013

Notable software releases this week include Keyboard Maestro 6.2, ReadKit 2.3, and PDFpen and PDFpenPro 6.0.5.Show full article

ExtraBITS for 26 August 2013

After over three decades with Microsoft, CEO Steve Ballmer has announced that he will retire within the next year. After retirement, maybe Ballmer will invest in the new social network PRSM, which helps you gather and share all of your personal information — whether you want to or not! If you need a break from NSA paranoia (and parody), the iTunes Festival returns in September, with a plethora of big-name musical acts you can watch live. Or, if popular music isn’t your thing, maybe you’d rather sit down and read “Butterick’s Practical Typography,” a new, freely available ebook by typographer Matthew Butterick — an excellent resource for anyone who works with text.Show full article

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