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A number of people wrote in to tell us about ClockAdjust and AutoClock, two other free utilities for keeping a Macintosh clock on track (see TidBITS-271)Show full article


Thanks to the many people who either sent me Eudora plug-in files that provide a simple interface within Eudora's Settings dialog for changing the settings I talked about in TidBITS-271 or who told me about Wagner's Eudora Prefs, a single plug-in that provides an interface for a number of less commonly changed settings in Eudora's Settings dialogShow full article

Apple Announces Reorganization

Apple Announces Reorganization -- Apple announced a sweeping reorganization last week, combining several groups into two primary divisions: "Worldwide Marketing and Customer Solutions" and "Apple Research and Development." The reorganizations should allow Apple to focus more closely on consumer, education, and entertainment markets while maintaining and expanding its core businessesShow full article

Canon Takeover Rumors Buoy Apple Stock

Canon Takeover Rumors Buoy Apple Stock -- Apple's stock dipped briefly with the announcement of its reorganization, but rose again last week amid rumors that the Japanese electronics giant Canon planned to launch a bid to buy Apple ComputerShow full article

New nVIR Clone Targets Disinfectant

Director of Technical Services, Baka Industries Inc. John Norstad of Northwestern University recently released Disinfectant 3.6, an update of his free anti-viral Macintosh utility, to handle a recently discovered nVIR B cloneShow full article

Apple to Offer Web Servers

Apple today announced the addition of pre-configured Internet servers to its PowerPC-based Apple Workgroup Server bundles under the top-heavy name "Apple Internet Server Solution for the World Wide Web." These bundles are based on the Apple Workgroup Servers 6150/66, 8150/110, and 9150/120 (which Apple announced last week), run Mac OS 7.5.1, and include an extensive CD-ROM software bundle especially for setting up World-Wide Web servicesShow full article

Zip-ity-doo-dah - the Iomega Zip Drive

[TidBITS has received numerous requests for reviews of the new Iomega Zip drive; given the considerable interest, we'll probably offer additional articles in future issues of TidBITSShow full article

Now Utilities Update and Demo

Back in October (TidBITS-248) I reviewed Now Utilities 5.0 favorably, both as software in itself (I wouldn't live without it) and as an update. Now a maintenance update release (5.0.1) has appeared on the nets which fixes a number of bugs and conflicts, plus adds new featuresShow full article

Word 6.0 - NOT!

Feel like throwing out your word processor? I do. I yearn to liberate the untold megabytes of disk space occupied by my groaning, feature-heavy word processing softwareShow full article

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