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Matt Neuburg

Matt Neuburg

Matt Neuburg has been writing for TidBITS since 1991, concentrating on issues surrounding word processing, databases and text organization programs, scripting and innovative programming systems, and a variety of utilities. He has written some popular freeware programs, such as MemoryStick and NotLight. He has created the online documentation for a number of applications, such as Script Debugger and Opal. He has written books about programming Frontier, REALbasic, and AppleScript, and is the author of various Take Control ebooks.

Matt Neuburg 8 comments

TidBITS News Shows How an Old 32-bit iOS App Becomes 64-bit

Wondering why developers of old 32-bit iOS apps aren’t just recompiling their code to be 64-bit happy? Matt Neuburg explains what’s going on, using the free TidBITS News app that he has just updated as an example.

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More About What iOS Means to Developers and You

Listen in on a fun conversation between TidBITS Contributing Editor Matt Neuburg and MacVoices host Chuck Joiner (with some slight interference from Skype) about Matt’s iOS 7 programming books, the state of iOS 7 for users and developers, and the importance of programming in education.

Matt Neuburg 8 comments

How iOS 7 Will Affect Developers — and You

It’s time for our annual survey of how the technical changes in the latest version of iOS are affecting what you’re likely to see on your iOS device’s screen.

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Telling Apple Where to Go (From Here)

In a discussion of where Apple needs to take iOS 7, WWDC, and the App Store, TidBITS Contributing Editor and iOS programming book author Matt Neuburg contributed his exhausting mix of detailed analysis and irrepressible ranting to Chuck Joiner’s MacVoices podcast, along with John Brayton of Golden Hill Software.

Matt Neuburg 1 comment

Keeping in Touch with TouchFire

How can you type on an iPad while on the go? You could muddle along on the virtual keyboard, of course, or you could carry a physical Bluetooth keyboard around with you. The TouchFire takes a middle course.

Matt Neuburg 8 comments

Cloud Mate Brings Its Magic to Your iOS Devices

Cloud Mate’s developers have been so hard at work since our review a month ago that it deserves another visit. Along with an improved Mac app, there’s now an iOS version of Cloud Mate that magically shows you all your iCloud documents, even though that should be impossible.

Matt Neuburg 29 comments

How I Got an iPod shuffle — and Liked It!

The iPod shuffle is ridiculously tiny and simple, and Matt Neuburg doesn’t want to shuffle anything. Nevertheless, it was his best choice as a running companion. It was also his only choice.

Matt Neuburg 11 comments

Cloud Mate: Turning iCloud into Dropbox?

Cloud Mate provides a unified view of all your iCloud Documents in the Cloud folders, giving iCloud more of the feel of Dropbox. It’s not perfect, but it might make you more willing to use Documents in the Cloud.

Matt Neuburg 19 comments

Show, Don’t Tell, Where You Went with Google Maps

Everyone has a GPS tracker nowadays, and Google Maps lets you display a recorded track and share it with anyone and everyone.

Matt Neuburg 55 comments

OS X 10.8.3 Checkbox Restores Snow Leopard Document Saving

With no fanfare, Apple has restored a major aspect of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard behavior to OS X 10.8.3 Mountain Lion.

Matt Neuburg 5 comments

TidBITS News 1.5: A Revolution in a Nutshell

To understand what’s new in the freeware TidBITS News app, we dive into the history of iOS.

Matt Neuburg 60 comments

Mysterious iOS 6 Cellular Data Usage: A Deeper Look

The tales of unwanted cell data usage in iOS 6 grow ever more numerous and ever more alarming. Even though we can’t put our finger on a single cause, the problem is plainly all too real, and, for some users, all too costly.

Matt Neuburg 6 comments

How iOS 6 Will Affect Developers — and You

Changes in iOS that expand the toolbox for developers will also affect what you see on the screen. Here are some examples of what might be coming in iOS 6.

Matt Neuburg 37 comments

With 10.8.2, Mountain Lion Saves Even Better

The big news in OS X 10.8.2 is that, by default, Save As now works the way you expect.

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Matt Neuburg and His iOS Programming Book on MacVoices

Chuck Joiner at MacVoices interviews Matt Neuburg about his iOS programming book, with a discussion including thoughts on iOS itself, why the iPhone and iPad have attracted so many new programmers, and what it’s like to write a book about such a fast-moving target.