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(Last updated 19 April 2017.)

TidBITS Publishing Inc. takes online privacy very seriously. We actively protect the privacy of users of the TidBITS Web site and people who subscribe to our mailing lists.

Collection and Disclosure -- In order to provide services, TidBITS collects a variety of personal information, often including, but not limited to, names and email addresses — see below for details about individual TidBITS services. TidBITS will not disclose specific subscriber information to a third party unless required by law. In the event that TidBITS merges with or is acquired by another company, or sells some or all of our business assets, information covered by this privacy policy may be among the assets transferred. Any acquirer of our assets may continue to utilize your information for the purposes of continuing service, and your data would then be covered by the acquirer's privacy policy. TidBITS will attempt to ensure that the acquirer's privacy policy provides a similar level of protection.

Mailing Lists & Email Addresses -- To receive TidBITS via email, you must give us your email address - without it, we can't send you anything. Although we don't require subscribers to tell us their names, your email program or provider may include your name with your subscription request. If so, we'll record your name with your email address; the information helps ensure we don't confuse you with anyone else when sorting out subscription problems.

TidBITS holds the names and email addresses of TidBITS and TidBITS Talk subscribers in the strictest confidence. TidBITS subscriber databases can be accessed by only a few members of the TidBITS staff and are well protected against theft, tampering, and misuse (electronic or otherwise).

Aggregate information about TidBITS mailing lists (such as the total number of subscribers) may be discussed in TidBITS publications, used to promote TidBITS, or disclosed to sponsors or advertisers.

If you want to be notified of updates to TidBITS publications on a regular basis without subscribing via email, consider using an RSS news reader and pointing it at our RSS feed.

TidBITS Membership Program -- If you participate in our voluntary TidBITS Membership program, TidBITS receives and records information related to your contribution, including your name, email address, postal address, and contribution amount, but not your credit card number. As with our subscriber databases, this information is held in the strictest confidence. The information can be accessed by only a few members of the TidBITS staff and is well protected against theft, tampering, and misuse (electronic or otherwise).

If you have chosen to list your name and a URL to a Web page of your choice, that information appears on our public TidBITS Members page. Also appearing on that page is aggregate information about the number of members.

If you asked us to remind you to renew in a year, we will send you an email reminder at that time. We may also send you email to aid in resolving problems relating to a membership or to communicate with you about other issues related specifically to members.

TidBITS membership order processing is handled for TidBITS by eSellerate. To process your payment, eSellerate collects information including your name, postal address, email address, and credit card number. Use of that information is governed by their privacy policy.

Web Server Usage -- TidBITS records information about how people access our Web sites. This information includes your IP address (or the DNS name associated with it) and what Web software you're using. Our Web server software uses session-based cookies to maintain state between pages that could be customized based on your TidBITS account. Those pages generally include mailing list subscriptions and preferences and TidBITS Talk.

We may record information about queries submitted to TidBITS search facilities to better understand how people use our search features. As with other Web accesses, this information generally cannot be associated with any particular user; in any case, query information is not disclosed to anyone outside the TidBITS staff.

Editorial Mail -- Email messages sent to TidBITS editorial addresses are considered public statements and become the property of TidBITS Publishing Inc. Unless noted otherwise in the message itself, TidBITS may publish such messages (including the author's name and email address) in whole or in part on TidBITS Web sites and/or in TidBITS publications. TidBITS will generally try to contact correspondents before any such publication but makes no guarantee to do so. TidBITS will honor any request not to publish a message, or not to publish the correspondent's name or email address.

Web Site Comments -- To post a comment on an article, you must provide your name and email address. Your name will appear on all of your comments. We use your email address only to send you a one-time verification message confirming that you posted the comment. We also store your address to allow you to verify using other Web browsers in the future. TidBITS holds these email addresses in the strictest confidence, and will not disclose specific subscriber information under any circumstances unless required by law. TidBITS databases can be accessed by only a few members of the TidBITS staff and are well protected against theft, tampering, and misuse (electronic or otherwise).

Discussion Lists & Archives -- TidBITS maintains email discussion lists. Although subscriber information is maintained in the strictest confidence (see above), participating in discussion lists will reveal information about yourself such as your email address and (possibly) your name to all subscribers. This information could be collected by a third party. Additionally, users should consider any discussion list a public forum, and exercise caution in disclosing any personal information.

Web-based archives of discussion lists maintained by TidBITS will also include information disclosed by discussion participants; however, we go to some effort to ensure information such as email addresses can't easily be harvested by automated programs.

Surveys -- TidBITS may ask readers and/or Web site users to participate in surveys. In all cases, participation will be voluntary. If a survey asks for personal information, answering those questions will be optional.

DealBITS Drawings -- To participate in DealBITS drawings, you must provide us with your email address and name. We will use that information for necessary administrative communications, such as notification of all the participants of the winning entry. We will publish the name (but not the email address) of the winner(s) in TidBITS and in an email message to all DealBITS participants. Lastly, we will share the name and email address of the winner(s) with company providing the prize for purposes of registration or delivery (in which case the winner(s) may be required to provide a postal address to the sponsoring company as well).

We will not share names or email addresses of any other DealBITS participants with any third party, including the sponsoring company.

Translations and Mirror Sites -- TidBITS publications are translated into a variety of languages, and those translations are hosted by several mirror sites.

TidBITS can't control the privacy policies of mirror sites, and it is possible they differ significantly from ours. If you're concerned, consider accessing TidBITS material directly from our servers, rather than from a mirror.

Some TidBITS translations are available via both email and the Web. In the cases where email or Web distribution takes place via TidBITS servers, the privacy policies outlined above apply in full. However, we cannot vouch for the privacy policies of other organizations hosting translation mailing lists or Web sites. We encourage such sites to post their own privacy policies or indicate they fully comply with the policies outlined here.

External Links -- TidBITS Web sites and publications contain numerous links to other network sites. TidBITS cannot be responsible for the privacy practices of other organizations or the content of external Web sites.