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Is Your AppleCare+ Expiring? You Can Now Renew It

Do you have an aging iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch that you want to keep using—and keep covered by AppleCare? The good news is that if you previously bought AppleCare+ for your device, you can now extend that coverage indefinitely on a monthly basis when the plan ends. Here are two things to keep in mind:

  • You cannot extend your coverage until your existing AppleCare coverage ends. Once it ends, you have 60 days to renew your coverage.
  • Apple will not notify you when your AppleCare+ coverage ends, unless otherwise required by law. To see when your coverage ends, you can:
    • From an iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > General > About > AppleCare+.

    • Open the Apple Support app on your iPhone or iPad. Tap your name at the top and then tap Check Coverage and the device name to see its status.
    • Log in to and tap or click your device.

Once your coverage has ended, you can renew at If you choose to extend your AppleCare coverage, your coverage will renew automatically every month until you cancel it. Apple offers no expiration date for that continued AppleCare coverage, but we presume it ends when Apple stops supporting the device. (You can also buy this monthly AppleCare+ option with a new device, as we reported in “Evaluating Your iPhone 11 Purchase Options” 12 September 2019.)

This is great news for those tired of feeling like they have to buy new devices to keep everything protected by AppleCare+. Instead, you can extend your AppleCare+ coverage for as long as you want to keep that older iPhone and not have to worry about an accident compelling you to buy a new one.

Of course, at some point, it will make more sense to buy a new device rather than keep paying insurance for an old one, but at least now you get to make that decision.

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Comments About Is Your AppleCare+ Expiring? You Can Now Renew It

Notable Replies

  1. This is great news! Apple Care runs out on our 8+s next month​:grinning::clap:

  2. Does anyone know if it’s just USA only? Or does this apply to other countries as well? I’m in Canada, and have an iPhone X with AppleCare+ that’s a couple of months away from expiring.

  3. I hope they extend this to Macs. It would make timing new laptop purchases easier for faculty, who not only have to play dice with hardware refresh cycles but weird budget cycles and restrictions.

  4. A very good question, and I can’t find any information either way. On the one hand, it would seem that if Apple offers AppleCare+ in your country, it would also likely offer this extension program. On the other hand, you never know how different countries might legislate such things, so it may not be possible everywhere.

  5. When I purchased Applecare for my new iMac I was surprised that I had to allow Apple Diagnostics to be run during the purchase process. I guess that is so Apple knows the device does not have faults before issuing coverage - a bit like having a medical when buying life insurance.
    I suppose this process has been in place for some time but I don’t buy a new iMac very often :slight_smile:
    So I wonder if it will also apply to devices (iPhones etc) that are to be covered by extended Applecare?

  6. Interesting. I wonder what the prices are. I logged in as mentioned in the article, and see my iPad and iPhone (still covered), but don’t see a link to do monthly. Does that only appear after the warranty ends?

  7. Yes, that’s correct (and annoying).

  8. I wonder if it will also apply to devices (iPhones etc)

    Yes. I had to go through a similar process with my iPhone.

  9. Not available in the EU as far as I can see. Would have been big news over here.

  10. Here is AppleCare+ extension information at this link below and the details pasted in.

    My question is what day to buy the extension.

    “you can purchase the new coverage within 30 days of the end date of your original coverage.”

    Does this mean 30 days before the expiration or up to 30 days after the expiration?

    Extend your AppleCare+ coverage

    If your AppleCare+ plan will expire soon, you might be able to continue coverage.

    In Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States

    In these countries and regions, when you purchase AppleCare+ coverage for your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, you can choose to pay monthly or pay upfront for 24 months of coverage. For Apple Watch Edition and Hermes, you can pay upfront for 36 months.

    If you paid in full upfront

    If you paid upfront, you can purchase coverage on a monthly basis after the 24 or 36 months is over. To purchase the new coverage, go to Or on your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > General > About, then tap AppleCare+ Coverage Available and follow the onscreen instructions. This monthly plan automatically renews until canceled. You can’t pay upfront for an additional 24 or 36 months.

    In Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States, you can purchase the new coverage within 30 days of the end date of your original coverage.

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