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T-Mobile Offers Three-Month Network Pass Test Drive

We’ve previously covered T-Mobile’s generous 30-day Test Drive, which took advantage of the iPhone’s eSIM feature to let you easily try out T-Mobile’s network (see “T-Mobile’s Network Test Drive Puts 5G on Your iPhone’s eSIM,” 5 July 2021). Now T-Mobile is sweetening the offer with its new Network Pass, which gives you 3 months to test T-Mobile’s network. The previous Test Drive limited you to 30 GB of data, but the new Network Pass is unlimited. T-Mobile has also made it easier to switch to its network using the eSIM capabilities of current iPhones, so if you’re pleased with the Network Pass performance, there’s no need to wait for a SIM card to arrive in the mail. All you need to do is download the T-Mobile app to get started.

Josh Centers here. I’m going to save my Network Pass—you can only use a trial once—for when (if?) T-Mobile’s partnership with SpaceX comes to fruition. It promises to leverage SpaceX’s Starlink constellation of satellites to deliver cellular coverage for text messages to the entire United States except for parts of Alaska. My road is currently a dead zone for all three major networks, and Wi-Fi Calling is often spotty, especially with group text messages, so satellite access could be a game-changer.

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Comments About T-Mobile Offers Three-Month Network Pass Test Drive

Notable Replies

  1. Is this an unethical question? I’ll be visiting the U.S. for 3 weeks in April with my unlocked iPhone 13 Pro. Is it ok to signup for T-Mobile’s 3 month test drive and use it during my trip?

  2. I don’t think the question is unethical, but if you have to ask about the action, you probably know the answer. :slight_smile:

    I wonder if T-Mobile requires a US address to sign up?

  3. Probably. I have one of those too. Hmm…

  4. Why not? Assuming you can get past any signup hurdles. If it makes you feel better, offer a review of the service here. Might convince more people to try it out.

  5. Well, if fact you are giving it a “test drive”.

    Would you feel better paying $50 a month for an unlimited pre-paid sim?

    I wouldn’t lose sleep over it if I were you, your usage of a “test drive” isn’t going to make any difference to the network. I’d say it’s fine to try out the network, that’s the point of the program.

  6. An excellent idea…but for our friends across the pond is there a similar deal in the UK for unlocked US iPhones?

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