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Solve Credit Cards Not Appearing in 1Password 8 Autofill Pop-Up

I wasn’t using 1Password 8 in Arc while working on “Using Apple’s iCloud Passwords Outside Safari” (1 April 2024), so when I reenabled it, I was surprised—and a little annoyed—to discover that it would show only four of the six credit cards in my vault in its autofill pop-up.

1Password credit card autofill pop-up

It wasn’t hard to use 1Password Quick Access to copy the relevant information the first time or two it happened, but I have little patience for such speed bumps. Comparing the various entries in 1Password, I discovered the two cards that failed to appear had “website” entries in the Additional Details section, and one had another such entry in the Contact Information section.

Website entries in 1Password credit card item

Therein lay the key. When I deleted the website entry that appeared in Additional Details, 1Password promptly started offering that credit card in its autofill pop-up. I suspect a spurious Additional Details website entry causes 1Password to display that credit card only on the specified site. A website entry in Contact Information made no difference either way.

So, problem solved. I don’t know how a website entry ended up in the Additional Details section because you can’t add one manually—the website option appears only when adding fields to Contact Information. I could add a website entry to Contact Information and then drag it into Additional Details, but that didn’t trigger the problem. Besides, I’m sure I didn’t add those website entries manually.

At first, I thought the spurious website entries might have been artifacts from my import from LastPass when I switched to 1Password (see “LastPass Publishes More Details about Its Data Breaches,” 3 March 2023). That idea was bolstered by how 1Password release notes over the past year show refinements to the LastPass import process. However, when I checked, no URLs were associated with those credit cards in LastPass, so that’s not it.

A better clue comes from the URL in the screenshot above. It’s from ReserveAmerica, the site I use to reserve a pavilion at a nearby state park for our annual Finger Lakes Runners Club picnic. When I checked my email to see when I made that reservation, I discovered that it was 4 February 2024, the exact date that 1Password reports for the modified date. A veritable smoking gun!

Something related to autofilling credit card information on that site must have caused 1Password to add the ReserveAmerica URL to the card’s Additional Details section. I doubt I would have accepted a prompt to update the credit card information, so I’ll chalk this up to a bug. The same thing happened with the other credit card on a different site; I can’t explain why our primary personal card wasn’t affected despite being used more regularly.

Regardless, the moral of the story is that if 1Password isn’t offering all your credit cards in its autofill pop-up, look for and delete any website entries under Additional Details.

Investigating with 1Password Support

As a coda, I reported the issue to 1Password and have been working with a highly responsive support rep to see if we can figure out what happened. I’ve learned some interesting things:

  • On, you can view and restore the history of all changes to any item (the 1Password app only lets you see password changes to login items). That revealed that the other card in question was modified on 3 February 2024, the day before the one I show above.
  • The display of the two credit cards in question doesn’t show the spurious website entries in either the current version or the item history.
  • When I restored the 3 February 2024 version of the card I had fixed, the problem returned. So the spurious information is deep inside that credit card item.
  • In the desktop version of 1Password, you can turn on 1Password > Settings > Advanced > Show Debugging Tools, after which every item in 1Password gets a Copy Item JSON menu in the vertical ••• menu. JSON is human-readable text, so I could see the underlying information and share a redacted version with 1Password support.
  • It turns out that these spurious website entries aren’t in the Additional Details section—they appear slightly below it. The JSON file shows them in an “overview” section.

Although I still don’t know what happened, we’re getting closer. I hope these details are helpful for others investigating oddities in their 1Password items. I’ll report what I learn in the comments.

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Comments About Solve Credit Cards Not Appearing in 1Password 8 Autofill Pop-Up

Notable Replies

  1. I’m glad to know that you are getting closer to finding out what is causing the problem, and that 1 Password is assisting you in that endeavour. I have to say though that I initially concluded just the opposite when I read this sentence in your introduction to this week’s edition:
    […] Adam solved the problem and has started trying to figure out what went wrong with 1Password support. Perhaps changing it to “*has started, with 1Password support, trying to figure out what went wrong.” Just a suggestion.

  2. I find it interesting that 1Password is possibly the only password manager to offer autofill of credit card info. None of the Keepass apps do, nor does Bitwarden. Wondering why that’s not possible with other apps?

  3. @ace , I’m really puzzled by the statement in the article that you

    don’t know how a website entry ended up in the Additional Details section because you can’t add one manually—the website option appears only when adding fields to Contact Information.

    I just checked this in 1Password v. 8.10.28, and I certainly can add a URL in the Additional Details section for a credit card entry. This screenshot shows the popup menu for “add another field”:

    And this one shows the result of adding the “TidBITs” web site URL to that field:


    (Handy in case TidBITs decides to start issuing an affinity card!!)

    I added, routinely, the issuer’s URL printed on a physical card when I entered the details into 1PW (have been doing that since I started using it around 2009 or so). It was possible then, and it is possible now, without moving it into the “Additional Details” section.

    Hope this helps in tracking down the issue, Adam!

  4. Urk… I’ve recast it to avoid any confusion. :slight_smile:

    Yes, but that’s a “url” entry, not a “website” entry. They might both contain a URL, but the issue I’m dealing with is a spurious “website” entry.

  5. Got it, Adam. But it leaves me wondering how and from where 1PW would capture a spurious website entry. As I’m sure it does you.

    If your cards were entered manually (and not by, say, scanning and capturing the text such as one might for Apple Wallet), I just don’t see how a website could even be associated with a credit card unless that site was entered in the URL field.

    I’ll be following this thread in case the AgileBits folks can shed some light on it.

  6. I worked with increasingly higher levels of support, and they’re still not sure how it happened, but they’re continuing to investigate the code. It doesn’t seem like this is a common problem, so hopefully, no one else is running into it.

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