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Adam Engst 22 comments

Oliver Habicht Dies of Pancreatic Cancer at 53

Of all the people whose deaths we’ve memorialized in TidBITS, no one was as close to us as Oliver Habicht. His name probably isn’t familiar to most, but he has written for TidBITS, commented on articles, and helped with software and hardware testing. He even played a key role for Take Control Books for several years. But most importantly, he was our best friend.

Josh Centers

1533: Apple OS bug fixes, Back Tap and user-defined default apps in iOS 14, third-gen Apple TV problems, MinuteHound sponsoring TidBITS, RIP Oliver Habicht

We’re pleased to welcome our latest long-term sponsor, MinuteHound, which provides a zero-contact biometric time and attendance tracking solution. Apple has released the first round of bug-fix updates with iOS 14.0.1, iPadOS 14.0.1, watchOS 7.0.1,…

Adam Engst 87 comments

Helping Senior Citizens Reveals Past Apple Lapses and Recent Improvements

After spending several days helping some elderly friends with their Macs, Adam Engst came away with a new appreciation for how difficult some aspects of Mac use are for older people. Some Apple efforts are a step in the right direction but may not be available to today’s users. And there’s plenty of room to improve.

Glenn Fleishman No comments

Help! I’m Being Held Captive, and All I Have Is a Wi-Fi Network!

Install some software and engrave a number on your Mac, and in the event that it's stolen, the computer may be able to help in its own recovery by sending you pictures or videos of the thief, or even by screaming for help if it finds itself in an Apple Store.

Adam Engst No comments

Evaluating Wireless Security Needs: The Three L’s

Crackers, worms, viruses, zombies, trojans... it seems as though the promise of constant access and instantaneous communication through networking has been twisted in such a way that people are afraid in ways that few expected back in less-connected days

Adam Engst No comments

Testing the TCPL’s New Wireless Network

A few days ago I went down to the Tompkins County Public Library with Tonya, Contributing Editor Mark Anbinder, and our technical friends Keith Kubarek (a consultant who helped us decide on a content management system) and Oliver Habicht (an IT director at Cornell University Library) to test their new wireless network

Adam Engst No comments

A Canary in the Network

Before our May trip to New Mexico, my friend Oliver Habicht asked if I wanted to borrow a Canary Wireless Digital Hotspotter, which is one of those little devices for finding wireless networks without needing to pull out the PowerBook

Oliver Habicht No comments

Photo Safe II Offers Worry Free Travel Backups

Looking to take oodles of vacation photos without bringing a computer along for backups, or buying a slew of new memory cards? Oliver Habicht takes a look at Digital Foci's Photo Safe II, a handy tool for just such an occasion.

Adam Engst No comments

Apple Repair, Continued

Just as our modem issue garnered many comments that you'll see in a future issue, so did Fred Condo's open letter complaining about Apple's repair policies

Adam Engst


When you go on vacation, don’t you wish you could leave your laptop at home? Oliver Habicht reviews the compact Photo Safe II, which stores photos and videos from your camera without a portable computer.