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David Rabinowitz

David Rabinowitz

David Rabinowitz 18 comments

The Evolution of Technology in the Classroom

With the perspective of a recent college graduate, David Rabinowitz looks back on the technology that populated his years in school, from learning to type in third grade to taking real-time class quizzes at the University of Virginia. He also looks at a technology he missed, the iPad, and talks with a pair of innovators who are building it into the everyday educational experience at their schools.

David Rabinowitz 4 comments

Digging into Apple’s Financial Decisions

With almost $145 billion in the bank, why is Apple borrowing money to buy back stock? And what does the share repurchase and increased dividend mean for Apple’s future? David Rabinowitz goes digging for some answers.

David Rabinowitz 2 comments

Divvy Eases Window Management

Annoyed by having to rearrange your windows constantly so you can see everything you’re working on? The Divvy utility provides quick and useful window management for Mac OS X.

David Rabinowitz 34 comments

Living through the Evolution of Etextbooks

The iPad has tantalized educators with the possibility of electronic textbooks, and we’ve heard lots about it from publishers and publishing industry pundits alike. David Rabinowitz has a somewhat different view, and as a college senior, he has been watching the evolution of etextbooks up close.

David Rabinowitz 15 comments

Thoughts on — and of — a Computer Science Major

After four years majoring in computer science at the University of Virginia, David Rabinowitz shares his impressions of what it’s like to go through such a program and be facing the real world.