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Rich Mogull

Rich Mogull

Rich Mogull has been working in the security world for over 20 years, and breaking computers (usually by accident) even longer. After about 10 years in physical security (mostly running large events/concerts), he made the mistake of getting drunk in Silicon Valley and telling someone he “worked in security.” Next morning he woke up with a job as an IT security consultant. That’s not totally true, but it’s far more amusing than his full biography. He currently works as the VP of Product for DisruptOPS and an independent security analyst at He previously spent seven years as an analyst with Gartner. Rich is also a paramedic, done stints as a firefighter and with Rocky Mountain Rescue, and recently retired from ski patrol when he moved to sunny Arizona. He still dabbles in disaster medicine, when nature cooperates.

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Of iCloud, Dropbox, and Elastic Computing: A Cloud Primer

If you’ve wondered what “the cloud” or “cloud computing” is, Rich Mogull is here to explain what it’s all about and why it — and especially Apple’s iCloud — has the power to transform the world.

Rich Mogull Adam Engst 5 comments

Break in the SSL Chain of Trust Prompts Security Updates

A security breach at digital certificate provider Comodo has resulted in emergency updates for all operating systems and Web browsers, including Mac OS X, iOS, and Safari. Learn why digital certificates are so important, but also so problematic.

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Register New Domain Names with Color

Due to all the good domain names being taken, ICANN, the international domain name authority, now allows you to register domain names in different colors.

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Text Vulnerability Discovered in iPhone and iPad

A newly discovered vulnerability affects nearly all Apple products. Rich Mogull has the details, including how to protect yourself until Apple issues a patch.

Rich Mogull 22 comments

Make Sure Your iOS Device is Really Encrypted

Encrypting your iOS device is an excellent way to protect your data, but if you upgraded from iOS 3 to 4, encryption might not be enabled... even if you think it is. Here’s how to make sure you’re protected.

Rich Mogull 12 comments

Apple’s Security Past Defines Its Future

Macs and iOS devices surely face security challenges in the future, but it’s highly unlikely they will resemble those historically faced by Windows users. Rich Mogull explains a little security history, and shows how it, and recent moves by Apple, help us predict our collective security future.

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Whole Disk Encryption, and Why Mac OS X 10.6.5 Broke PGP WDE

Encrypting an entire hard drive is a great way to protect your data, but as users of PGP WDE learned when they upgraded to Mac OS X 10.6.5, whole disk encryption also brings its own risks.

Rich Mogull 9 comments

Firesheep Security Tool Highlights Perils of Open Networks

A new Firefox plug-in allows anyone to hijack webmail, social networking, and other accounts accessed from the same network. Here’s why it’s a problem, how to protect yourself, and why our service providers need to fix this immediately.

Rich Mogull 5 comments

Apple’s iOS Security Challenges and Advantages

The iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch are completely disrupting the mobile device landscape, and while Apple faces some security challenges with the iOS devices, the company also enjoys a number of advantages over other systems.

Rich Mogull 28 comments

Why Using an iPhone 4 Case May Improve Signal Strength

Although Apple is now giving out iPhone 4 cases to help resolve the antenna issues, few sources explain how a simple piece of tape or a case can make a difference. Rich Mogull digs into his radio geek past for an explanation.

Rich Mogull 8 comments

Security News: Flash Attacked, iPhone Exposed, Spyware Discovered

With a zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Flash, a new way of extracted data from an encrypted iPhone, and a malicious bit of spyware making the rounds, it has been a rough few weeks in the security world. Read on for our suggestions on how to protect yourself, and be careful out there.

Rich Mogull 27 comments

How to Protect Your Privacy from Facebook

Facebook may be the single most popular social media service on the Internet, but its policies and practices demonstrate little concern for your privacy. Security expert Rich Mogull explains how to protect your privacy on - and from - Facebook.

Rich Mogull 13 comments

Apple Unveils big iPod touch

Apple has announced plans to release a larger iPod touch to complete their portable product line, silence critics, and better differentiate the iPad.

Rich Mogull 13 comments

Prepare Your Enterprise for the iPad

As with the iPhone, the iPad's undeniable consumer appeal means that IT departments shouldn't be surprised when users start bringing them to work.

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Banging My Head Against iCal Server’s Limitations

After putting up with basic calendaring limitations that Apple failed to improve in Snow Leopard, Snow Leopard Server, and iPhone OS 3.0, Rich Mogull worries that his devotion to Apple server technologies may be indication of mental disorder.