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Josh Centers 10 comments

VidBITS: Opinions on iOS 7

Watch (or listen) to a special TidBITS staff roundtable, where we discuss what we love — and hate — about iOS 7.

Adam Engst 2 comments

VidBITS: Apple Stock Price and the Daily Box Score

Watch (or listen) to the latest TidBITS staff roundtable, where we talk about Apple’s stock price, why the company seems to care so much about it, why the mainstream media loves covering stock movements, and what could replace it as an regularly reported box score.

Adam Engst No comments

Adam Engst Riffs on the Google Reader News at MacVoices

In this discussion with host Chuck Joiner, Adam Engst delves into some of the more-subtle meanings of the news that Google Reader will disappear in a few months. In particular, Adam talks about the effects of tools morphing into platforms, the psychological effect that change has on users, and pricing models to support the concept that not all change is good for all users.

Adam Engst 3 comments

VidBITS: Email Strategies of the TidBITS Staff

Watch (or listen) to the latest TidBITS staff roundtable to learn how some of our staffers deal with the massive amounts of email we all receive every day.

Adam Engst 5 comments

VidBITS: Why Do We Still Support Apple?

Watch (or listen) to the latest TidBITS staff roundtable for our thoughts on just why Apple has engendered such loyalty in the past, and continues to do so in today’s very different world.

Adam Engst 14 comments

VidBITS: Ways that Apple Could Improve iOS

Watch (or listen to) the latest TidBITS staff roundtable to get our not-so-humble opinions about ways that Apple could improve iOS.

Adam Engst 5 comments

VidBITS: iTunes 11 and Comparing Antivirus Apps

Watch (or listen to) the latest TidBITS staff roundtable to get our take on the continuing story of iTunes 11 and the varying levels of accuracy among antivirus apps.

Adam Engst 2 comments

Watch TidBITS Presents “Explaining the Big 3 Confusions with Messages”

If you’ve been having trouble figuring out which email addresses to associate with which iMessage accounts, how to switch a text chat to an audio call, and where chat transcripts have gone, tune in to this TidBITS Presents event, recorded live on 14 November 2012, for answers from Glenn Fleishman.

Adam Engst 2 comments

VidBITS: Election Tech, Intel Chips, and Beating Glenn

Watch the latest TidBITS staff roundtable to get our take on the role of technology in election coverage, how likely it is that Apple will switch away from Intel-based CPUs in Macs, and the products we’re investigating right now.

Adam Engst 2 comments

Tonya Engst on Web Site Upgrades, Ebook Publishing, and New Hardware Choices

Before leaving on vacation, Tonya Engst spoke with Chuck Joiner of MacVoicesTV about a variety of topics, including the need for Web site redesigns, how Web site design differs from ebook design, how our current publishing process works, and the new Apple hardware she’s using to make it all happen.

Adam Engst 20 comments

Watch TidBITS Presents “Protecting Your Digital Life”

If you found the recent hack of technology writer Mat Honan as unsettling as we did, tune in to TidBITS Presents “Protecting Your Digital Life,” recorded live on 22 August 2012. Security experts Rich Mogull and Joe Kissell share their recommendations for the best things you can do to ensure that your digital life can’t be laid bare for virtual vultures to peck through.

Adam Engst 2 comments

VidBITS:, Photo Sharing, and Excessive Reminders

Curious about Tune into as Glenn Fleishman explains it in this TidBITS staff meeting, held live on Google Hangouts On Air.

Adam Engst 2 comments

Watch TidBITS Presents “Upgrading to and Using Mountain Lion”

Looking for details on the best ways to upgrade to Mountain Lion and take advantage of its new features? If you enjoy video presentations, tune in to our second TidBITS Presents event to watch Joe Kissell and Matt Neuburg share tips from their Mountain Lion books.

Adam Engst 23 comments

Watch Joe Kissell and Adam Engst in TidBITS Presents: Adieu MobileMe

If you’re still in need of migrating data and services from MobileMe, tune in to TidBITS Presents: Adieu MobileMe, recorded live on 16 June 2012.

Glenn Fleishman No comments

TidBITS Editors on Video from Macworld | iWorld

TidBITS editors were frequent guests on the Macworld Live Stage on the trade-show floor portion of Macworld | iWorld. We collect the video into one place here.