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It’s not as big a deal as when a car company does it, but Apple recalled Tune-Up 1.1 last week and replaced it with 1.1.1. That’s embarrassing, but not nearly as embarrassed as you’d be if your portable caused a plane to have problems due to the radio frequency interference we discuss this issue. The latest rumors from Claris aren’t in the slightest bit embarrassing though, and neither is Dan Walkowski’s excellent trash management utility, TrashMan.

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Stimpson J. Millians writes: "The Ashton-Tate/Fox suit got dropped as a result of the Borland/Ashton-Tate suit buyout. It was part of the Justice Department anti-trust agreement

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Sorry, Charlie! (Tune-Up Recalled)

What could be more embarrassing than having to release a bug fix to protect users from a bug that can destroy their data? Having to release a bug fix to protect users from the first bug fix! Apple was embarrassed in just this way last week, when they realized that System 7 Tune-Up 1.1 was defective, and needed to be replaced

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RFI Interference Letter

From Cliff Wildes, President and CEO of Microtech International To the Editor: Recent articles and discussions in the Macintosh community have focused on safety concerns related to the marvelous machinery we rely on for our work and enjoyment

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RFI Follow-up

Just so you don't all think I'm being a slug and just printing the above letter to the editor, here's some more information that might be of interest on this subject. Essentially, there are two levels of FCC certification, A and B

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Claris Windows Rumors

We've been muttering about a version of FileMaker Pro for Windows for quite some time now, and we've finally gotten some confirmation of that project. Claris reportedly showed an early version of FileMaker Pro running under Windows in a private suite at Comdex last week

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The TrashMan Cometh

When I was growing up, my family took our garbage to the town dump every week. The best part was tossing it over the cliff, and much of the excitement went out of the weekly expedition when the dump was full and the town bought a trash compactor truck (which could be fun on occasion if it actually compacted the trash while you were there)