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This week’s opinions include an article on computer-based racism and a tale of emulator woe. We also have lots of useful information bits including more details about the newest StyleWriter driver, why Apple didn’t just patch the System for he disappearing file bug fix, the codes to help Virex correctly identify CODE 252, a note on how Inspiration stacks up to MORE, how to install penguins in your Mac, and updates for several of CE’s products.

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CE Updates

CE Updates -- Mark H. Anbinder passes on this information. "CE Software, Inc., has just announced that the company is now shipping System 7 compatibility upgrades for its products DiskTop, In/Out, and Amazing Paint

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Virex Corrected

Jeffrey L. Needleman passes along this note from Microcom. The following is a revised version of the UDV (user defined virus) code necessary to update Virex 3.x to detect the recently discovered CODE 252 virus. The original UDV falsely identified the virus in a number of files under specific conditions

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StyleWriter Update

Matt Neuburg writes: It appears that the problems some applications are having with StyleWriter 7.2.2 are the fault of those applications, not of Apple

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Tune-Up Rationale

Greg Marriott of Apple writes about why Apple decided not to install the disappearing files fix into the System file directly: "Actually, it may seem like a no-brainer to just install the fix in the System and leave it at that

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Hatred is not dead. I'm sure that surprises none of you, but it always bothers me, especially when people use computers to spread hatred. The most recent examples would only be interesting for their trivia value were it not for their closeness in time and the fact that both cases directly involve Microsoft. Several weeks ago on the Info-Mac mailing list, a discussion list dedicated to things Macintosh, Gann Matsuda posted that he had noticed that the spelling checker in Microsoft Word 5.0 suggests "Nips" as a replacement for "Nisei." Now, "Nisei" means "second-generation Americans of Japanese ancestry," but more to the point, "nips" is derogatory slang for "Japanese-American." Based on a posting Gann made later, I don't believe he was implying in any way that Microsoft is racist, merely that this was an unfortunate coincidence that could have been avoided had "Nisei" been in Word's dictionary