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Psst! Wanna buy a PowerBook 100 cheap? Read on. We also have a report on the 1992 MacHack Conference – including notes on the winning hacks, two articles describing how Apple is racing to save the environment and only occasionally tripping over its shoelaces, and finally, the promised review of two excellent trackballs, the CoStar Stingray and Curtis MVP Mouse with Foot Switch.

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Everything approaches normal again now that we have our new hard drive set up. Needless to say, we are investigating uninteruptible power supplies and would appreciate any information you can pass on

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PowerBook 100… Cheap

Bargain hunters would do well to check out the PowerBook 100 4/40s being sold at Price Club warehouse stores for around $900. Apple pulled that configuration of the PowerBook 100 from the price list, recalled all the stock from dealers, and sent it to Price Club

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MacHack News

Despite several kind invitations, I could not attend MacHack this year, where I would have kibitzed for 96 hours straight as the programmers created their wonderful hacks

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Apple Toner Recycling, Uh Huh!

Geez, talk about silly policies. It seems that at every chance Apple takes one step forward and two backward! I recently called the Apple toll free number to request 50 return labels for the Apple Toner recycling campaign

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The Apple Environment

More important than the toner recycling program is an announcement from Apple last week that they have completely eliminated the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in cleaning circuit boards and manufacturing equipment

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Goldilocks and the Three Trackballs

So I lied - I only have two trackballs to review. But it's a good title and it does illustrate the main principle in buying a trackball, which is that trackballs, like porridge and beds, are individual and you must try several before you settle down like Goldilocks at your Mac. I requested several trackballs for review because both Tonya and I were experiencing wrist pain, tendinitis for her, carpal tunnel syndrome for me