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We started writing an article about Apple’s new stuff, and it took hold and grew into a full special issue. Past issues contain some of the basic information about the new machines and policies as well, so we held ourselves to writing about new topics and details unknown until this point. This is good stuff, so read on if you want to understand Apple’s new machines and software.

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Macintosh PowerBook Duos

We thoroughly covered the Duos in previous issues, but information has arrived from several first-hand sources who claim that the 9", 16-level gray-scale, backlit, supertwist, LCD screen, although not active-matrix, is extremely readable

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PowerBook 160 and 180

In some ways, the 160 and 180 hold little interest - after all, they are merely upgraded versions of the 140 and 170, right? Yes, but Apple has added some new features and changed things just enough to keep Macintosh sales reps busy memorizing new features

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Macintosh IIvi and IIvx

The IIvi dropped out of the news a while back, with rumors flying that it would only be sold outside of the US, and that proves to be true. The only real difference between the IIvi and IIvx is that the IIvi uses a 16 MHz 68030 chip in comparison to the IIvx's 32 MHz chip

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Macintosh Color Display

This new 14" color monitor is only an incremental improvement over the previous one (i.e., it performs exactly the same task), but Apple paid a lot more attention to detail, making for a nicer monitor at a lower price

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AppleCD 300

The new CD player from Apple sets the standard for others to aim at with its double-speed technology, a speed select switch, a reasonable list price of $599, and support for multi-session PhotoCDs along with three other formats I'm unfamiliar with, CD-ROM XA (which apparently requires some extra hardware to play compressed audio), CD+G, and CD+MIDI

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System 7.1

We've talked a lot about 7.1 in the past but have missed a few interesting bits. You know how Apple has shipped a new version of the operating system for each new computer, causing a proliferation of that final digit in the version number? Well, that's about to end

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QuickTime 1.5

If you don't know what QuickTime is yet, go directly to TidBITS-073, do not pass GO, and do not collect $200. QuickTime 1.5 offers significant enhancements over QuickTime 1.0, and anyone serious about QuickTime will want it

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New List Prices

I know that list prices aren't as useful as the street prices, But we don't know what the street prices will be, and they are likely to fluctuate until distribution settles down and everything is readily available