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This week we have news about important updates to THINK C and FileMaker Pro 2.0, a note about a procedure that makes that new HP LaserJet 4M print correctly, a good buy on ClarisWorks and Quicken, and reviews of two snazzy programs, the shareware Frontier Runtime from UserLand Software and the freeware MacEuclid, an innovative hypertext program.

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HP LaserJet 4 and 4M Notice

HP LaserJet 4 and 4M Notice -- Mark H. Anbinder passes on this note from Hewlett Packard. "Be sure to follow step number 10 in the "Setting Up Your HP LaserJet 4 Guide." The guide refers to two levers which need to be pushed down before operating the printer

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Microsoft Creativity

Microsoft Creativity -- Mark Zimmermann posted this to Info-Mac digest recently. "Saw an amusing quote in a New York Times wire service item earlier this week..

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Walnut Creek Fiasco

Walnut Creek Fiasco -- Dale Baker writes: I thought I'd mention that Walnut Creek CD-ROM does not even own a Macintosh and when I spoke to the tech support guy he said "I wish we didn't even sell Mac CD-ROMs." This was after I immediately called about the Garbo CD-ROM (as mentioned in TidBITS-148). Walnut Creek could not tell me why I was unable to see any files in the window to access the disc

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THINK C 5.0.4 Update

Symantec fixed the bug in THINK C 5.0.3 that we mentioned in TidBITS-149 and has made an updater available for FTP on as: /info-mac/lang/think-c-504-tcl-112-update.hqx The update corrects problems with the Quadra, the code motion optimization, and other problems present in earlier versions

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FileMaker Pro 2.0v2 Update

As a follow-up to my FileMaker Pro 2.0 review in TidBITS-150, note that Claris is now shipping FileMaker Pro 2.0v2. Several areas of improvement and squished bugs include Apple events, Browse Mode, Define Fields, Find Mode, Import/Export, Printing, ScriptMaker, and network operation

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ClarisWorks/Quicken Deal

If you're thinking about buying ClarisWorks soon, you might add it to your Christmas list. Until 01-Jan-93 every ClarisWorks box includes a free copy of Quicken, Intuit's popular personal finance program

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Frontier Runtime

In the history of the Macintosh, only a few programs have developed a strong, cult-like following. The last program to do this was HyperCard; I think the next program with cult potential is UserLand Software's commercial Frontier program and its loyal sidekick, Frontier Runtime, a $25 shareware program

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