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It’s been an eventful week. The TidBITS Forum on CompuServe opened and Apple took HyperCard back from Claris and added it to the Developer Tools group. We have the scoop on why the Apple Color Printer is so lame, specs on new Macs due out in a few weeks, lower prices on older Macs, an article on executives shuffling all over the place, and news of an innovative marketing program for CE Software’s QuicKeys.

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This week I'll make like a toggle switch and flip-flop. First I said the AppleCD 300 was impossible to find, then I heard from a bunch of people who had seen them and my local dealer had some, but this past week I've received agonized requests asking what strings I pulled to buy one

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Adam as information server

Adam as information server -- I like providing useful and timely information to people - that's why I write TidBITS. However, recently I've been hammered by email from readers searching for information that may exist in back issues of TidBITS

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TidBITS CompuServe Forum

Thanks to Neil Shapiro and MAUG, we now have our own message section and file library on CompuServe. The new section is #5 in the just-opened Macintosh D Vendors Forum (GO MACDVEN), and in a week or so you should be able to use GO TIDBITS

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QuicKeys Test Drive

In the ever-increasing competition for just a little bit more market share, third-party manufacturers and publishers, and the dealers that handle it, have to come up with increasingly creative ways to peddle product lines

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HyperCard Folded Back Into Apple

A month or so ago, a friend implored me to try and find the dirt on what was happening with HyperCard. I hadn't heard much of anything in a long time, which meant to me that the program was dying a slow and unnecessary death

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Executive Turnovers

On January 4th, Roger Heinen, senior vice president and general manager of Apple's Macintosh Software Architecture Division, resigned to take a position at Microsoft as vice president of Database and Development Tools

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Pumping The New Macs Out

Apple doesn't stop. They keep introducing new models of the Macintosh at an increasingly fast rate. If only they could ship those new models in quantity when they announce the fool things