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New Enablers, new SIMM standards, new viruses, new antiviral utilities – where will it all end? Not with Apple certainly, and we have two articles looking at the new Adjustable Keyboard and the furor surrounding it. We also have a full list of current System Enablers, an article on the PowerBook/DOS Companion package, and finally, some juicy Apple rumors about new machines, digital cameras, and new versions of the System software.

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As many of you found out yesterday, the LISTSERV is busy sending out its renewal notices to weed out unused accounts. I didn't realize, in my original posting, that the Reply-To address would be set to an address that bounced directly to me

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Enabler Availability

Technical Support Coordinator, BAKA Computers In TidBITS-164, we reported the release of Apple's long-awaited 32-bit System Enabler, replacing MODE32 for System 7.1 users, and a Hardware System Update, consisting of performance enhancements for some users

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SIMM Standards

Before Apple's 15-Feb-93 Macintosh release, most Macs used 30-pin SIMMs. The new Mac spec sheets tout 72-pin SIMMs as "Industry Standard," causing us to wonder if we've been hallucinating when thinking about SIMMs for the last five years

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Do You Feel Enabled?

Life in the Macintosh System Folder used to be simpler. System 7 may be flashy with the System as a suitcase rack, not to mention the Apple Menu Items, Control Panels, Extensions, and Preferences folders, but with Apple's new System Enablers and new-Mac-of-the-month policy (collect them and trade them with your friends!), support people are running into a snarl of drivers, drovers, Enablers, extenders, suspenders, Tune-ups, tune-outs, and frankly, there's a rabbit hidden in there too

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PowerBooks Do DOS

Systems Engineer, The Computer Store Apple recently released a package deal that should be popular with the connectivity crowd. It's now easy to purchase software from Apple that helps with file translation as well as connectivity to DOS computers, VGA monitors, and most any printer in existence. PowerBook/DOS Companion: -- Apple has noticed a whole class of users with PowerBooks and Duos who need to transfer data to and from their DOS machines

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Drooling Rumors

Every now and then I hear about good stuff that's possibly going to happen, but you never know with rumors. In any event, the latest whispers say Apple is working on digital cameras for capturing images to manipulate on the Mac

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Apple Adjustable Keyboard

Let's not get all excited about the new Apple Adjustable Keyboard. Don't get me wrong: I think the keyboard's signature feature - the fact that it opens up to 30 degrees to keep your hands from bending sideways at the wrist - is a knee-smackingly right-on idea

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Apple Sued For Ergonomic Keyboard

[This article reprinted with permission from CLiCKS, the newsletter of MUGWUMP, the Ithaca Macintosh Users Group.] According to the developer of Apple's Ergonomic Keyboard, Sandy Williamson, Apple is currently being sued for patent infringement by the makers of The Tony keyboard