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Well, what is the PowerPC and should I wait? Good question, and we try to answer it this issue. We also have a look at Fifth Generation Systems’ excellent CopyDoubler 2.0, FWB’s CD-ROM Toolkit, the shareware ZipIt compression program, information on speeding up file sharing startup, and how to learn more about the PowerPC on AppleLink.

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But of course we all know that there are eight SCSI ID numbers (0-7, of which the SCSI controller always steals one), not seven as Jeff Needleman accidentally wrote last issue

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If File Sharing starts slowly

If File Sharing starts slowly on cold mornings, try deleting the AppleShare PDS file that lives at the root level on each shared volume. Jon Pugh posted this tip on Info-Mac, saying that it took File Sharing about an hour to start up on his PowerBook, and after deleting the file, it took less than a minute

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PowerPC developer info

Technical Support Coordinator, BAKA Computers Everyone's talking about PowerPC, the new processor architecture Apple and IBM have been developing, that promises to blow away all the microprocessors currently on the market

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Just ZipIt

Up to now, I've thought of zip files (a popular compression format on DOS machines, much as .sit files from StuffIt Deluxe are on the Mac) as kids from the other side of town - tolerated at best

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CD-ROM Toolkit

Those of us dismayed at the thoroughly mediocre performance of CD-ROM might do well to check out FWB's new CD-ROM Toolkit. Like FWB's Hard Disk Toolkit, CD-ROM Toolkit replaces Apple's driver software to improve performance

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CopyDoubler 2.0

Too much utility software these days does an excellent job of solving problems that don't exist. I'm not interested yet another program launcher, or the latest and greatest in hierarchical Apple menu utilities

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PowerPC Update

So what's the deal here? Is the PowerPC chip real? Is the Macintosh line dead? Is it true that if you look at the signatures in an SE case in a mirror one of them reads "Elvis Presley Lives?" Good questions, all, except the last one, so whoever asked that one, go wash your head