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Macworld Boston news abounds this issue with an in-depth look at the concepts and analysis surrounding Apple’s newest and coolest device, the Newton MessagePad. Mark Anbinder provides his annual Macworld superlatives article, and we look at a new company spun off from CE Software, PrairieSoft. Finally, although merely a MailBIT, it’s important to note that the Newton MessagePad won’t officially ship for several weeks so don’t bug your dealer until then.

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Macworld Boston is over, and only two of the four days were utterly hot and uncomfortable. Boston drivers were, well, indescribable, and the city itself continues to bears less and less resemblance to the published maps

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Newton Rollout

Newton Rollout -- One caveat to all the Newton comments you hear in TidBITS and other publications. It appears that although the Newton was introduced at Macworld Boston, the official rollout will take place in about two weeks

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Oh Give Me A Home

Working full-tilt on products like QuickAccess for Newton and a Casper-friendly version of QuicKeys, not to mention continuing development on QuickMail, means that CE Software has much less time to work on its other products, time which the company feels these products deserve

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Turnabout is Fair Play -- There have been several products to let Mac users read DOS-formatted disks over the years, from the DaynaFile drives to the collection of software taking advantage of the SuperDrive

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Newton Arrives

At every good Macworld Expo, people talk about the one hot arrival, an arrival that overshadows everything else, no matter how cool. This year the debutante was Apple's Newton MessagePad