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This issue comes chock full of news about Adam’s new book, InterNews 1.0 (a slick MacTCP newsreader from Dartmouth), new system software for the Newton, information on developing for the Newton, and Rupert Murdoch buying Delphi. Finally, you’ll find additional details about various energy saving utilities, more problems with the Apple Adjustable Keyboard, and thoughts about what kind of service you can expect from a solvent Apple dealer.

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The release date on my book, The Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh, draws ever closer. The 650-some pages of text and the disk are out of my hands and should ship by the 24th of September

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Murdoch Buys Delphi

Murdoch Buys Delphi -- Speaking of the net community, it gained a new mogul recently. The News Corp., a company owned by publishing magnate Rupert Murdoch, has purchased Delphi, which now claims to be the fifth largest commercial online information provider behind CompuServe, Prodigy, GEnie, and America Online

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DarkStar In hiding

DarkStar In hiding -- We received word shortly after publication of TidBITS #191 that the Info-Mac moderators removed the Monitor Energy Saver Control Panel from the FTP archives at

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LaserWriter Pro Energy Star Caveat

LaserWriter Pro Energy Star Caveat -- Matthew Cravit writes: "I recently installed the LaserWriter Pro Energy Star software on a LaserWriter Pro 630, which puts the printer into a power saver mode after a certain amount of idle time, reducing power usage by 70 percent according to Apple

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SimCity 2000 Bummer

SimCity 2000 Bummer -- Joe Holmes writes, "I checked out the SimCity 2000 prototype they had on display at Expo - until I asked if it could run in 16 colors

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User Expectations

Technical Support Coordinator, BAKA Computers In TidBITS #191, I casually commented that readers asking local dealers to download DarkStar from AppleLink might consider making a purchase at the same time, to help defray the dealer's cost of accessing Apple's expensive online service

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MessagePad System Update

Showing that old dogs can indeed learn new tricks, Apple last week began using several new distribution methods to help new MessagePad owners obtain system software updates for the newly-released version 1.04 of the Newton OS. If you have the Newton Connection Kit 0.9 you will receive an update disk when you receive version 1.0 of the Connection Kit

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Adjustable Keyboard Problem

I've seen a bit of grumbling lately on and on various Mac BBSes about the way the new Adjustable Keyboard works with many games. The problem is caused by the fact that the system treats the two parts of the keyboard (referred to as Key Board and Key Pad for clarity) as independent parts (which they are), and the fix involves tricking the system into thinking they are a single device. For example, imagine you're playing Spectre, using the arrow keys on the Key Pad for movement and the spacebar to fire, a common key layout for games

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InterNews 1.0

The following article comes from the text I wrote about InterNews in The Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh. I made a few minor changes to take out mentions of screen shots and to avoid the transition from the NewsWatcher discussion and to Nuntius discussion