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Numerous comments, tips, and announcements (After Dark, anyone?) fill the first part of this issue. Akif Eyler’s Easy View wins the 1993 MacUser Shareware Award for Text Tools. Apple announces the Apple Workgroup Server 95 Tune-Up and combines the Newton Connection Kit and Connection Pro Kit into a single package. Finally, I look at Conflict Catcher II, the essential extension manager that actually catches conflicts.

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APS Price Lists

APS Price Lists -- Thanks to the efforts of Frank Knapp at APS, we added a new feature to the APS price lists available from [email protected]. The price list is available for request as part of APS's TidBITS sponsorship, and in the past we marked new prices so you could easily scan the list and see them

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Stalking the wild Tyvek[tm]

Stalking the wild Tyvek[tm] -- A reader writes: A totally useless upgrade to your comment in TidBITS #192 - in the article about dust covers, you mentioned that the covers are made "from Tyvek, a strange, durable material that definitely never came from anything living." Just to set the record slightly less crosswise, Tyvek[tm] is a sort of synthetic fur that has been melted into a sheet

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InterNews Caveats

InterNews Caveats -- A number of people wrote in response to my InterNews review to note that it isn't as fast as Nuntius and cannot display (though it can save) text after the first 32K, which causes problems with long messages such as the Info-Mac Digest posted in comp.sys.mac.digest (but TidBITS sneaks in, since it's almost always less than 32K)

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Toner Tuner News

Toner Tuner News -- Anthony Pun reports that Working Software says that Toner Tuner, the utility that helps reduce the amount of toner or ink used in draft printouts, works beautifully with the 600 dpi HP LaserJet 4M

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Palette Police

Palette Police -- Edward Reid writes in support of Matt Neuburg's complaint about programs messing with the "colors" on his 4-bit monitor. "Yeah! Keep on them

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After Dark List

After Dark List -- Lloyd Wood writes: Since the release of DarkSide of the Mac, and the arrival of many other products that support After Dark modules, interest in writing the modules has grown - helped in part by the competitions that promise big rewards for your work. To address this interest, a mailing list for people wanting to write After Dark modules has been set up, along with an FTP site that will hold code, announcements and the like (join the list to find out the address)

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Easy View Wins Award!

At Macworld Boston this past month, Akif Eyler's text-file browser Easy View won the 1993 MacUser Shareware Award for Text Tools, beating out Rich Siegel's excellent editor BBEdit and Mark Wall's DOCMaker

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AWS 95 – The Latest Update

Technical Support Coordinator, BAKA Computers Adding to the string of recent software updates, Apple has released the Apple Workgroup Server 95 Tune-Up disk set, providing enhancements to the A/UX operating system software and AppleShare Pro, and some bug fixes for the AWS 95

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Conflict Catcher II

They come in all shapes and sizes, big ones, little ones, quiet ones, and loud ones. They come when you least expect them, and when you most expect them