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The Newton remains in the news, with Apple putting the automatic update process in place so you can call an 800 number to upgrade the OS to 1.04. I take a brief spin through many of the Internet Newton resources and review PBTools, a truly elegant PowerBook utility. Finally, readers chime in with their concerns about Apple’s seemingly self-destructive marketing techniques – is there a conspiracy involved? Where’s Oliver Stone when you need him?

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For those who have been confused when calling the direct order line for Hayden to order The Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh and having Prentice-Hall Computer Publishing answer, my apologies, but don't worry

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Newton Internet Resources

For all of the quibbling and carping in the mass media about the Newton, interest has been enormous (Apple reported 50,000 units sold so far), certainly larger than for any Mac since the first PowerBooks, and in many ways even larger

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The PowerBook Purist

Billy Steinberg dislikes frills. This becomes most evident in PBTools, his package of PowerBook utilities marketed by Inline Design and supported by Microseeds