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Apple promises future PowerPC upgrades for specific Macintoshes, announces that they turned a small profit last quarter, and officially terminates its relationship with John Sculley. Filling out the issue, we have the latest on Adam’s Internet book including a letter from the publisher, and a call for sumex mirror sites to form a central registry. Finally, Matt Neuburg continues his detailed look at outliners, this time exploring Symantec’s saurian MORE.

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The good news

The good news continues, with Apple reporting late last week that they posted record revenues and unit shipments for the fourth fiscal quarter. Apple's revenue for the quarter was $2.14 billion, a 21 percent increase from the same quarter last year

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John Sculley’s salary

John Sculley's salary won't cut into that net income any more, as he was officially replaced as chairman of the board last week by A.C. (Mike) Markkula, Apple co-founder and chairman of the board from 1977 through 1981

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Ric Ford

Ric Ford noted that the System Update 2.0.1 does not replace the Software Update previously released since System Update 2.0.1 does not include MacCheck, a useful diagnostic utility.

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v.what? -- A typo bit us in last week's issue. The article on the PSI PowerModem incorrectly said that the modem uses v.32 error correction and v.32bis compression - those numbers should be v.42 error correction and v.42bis compression

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Sumex Mirrors, Speak Up!

Liam Breck , the Info-Mac moderator in charge the sumex reorganization, writes: Attention administrators of Info-Mac mirror sites: We are compiling a list of Info-Mac mirror sites around the world so we can inform users where else our archive can be reached and so we can stay in touch with our mirrors about important changes, such as the recent file list format change. If you are in charge of, or closely associated with, an Info-Mac mirror site, please email me the following information: site Internet address site location (include organization, city, state, country) email address(es) of site administrator(s) name(s) of site administrator(s) site disk capacity site operating system how much of the Info-Mac archive is available at site how often site connects to Info-Mac for updates method used to update site

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Letter from Hayden

Dear TidBITS Subscribers: Thank you for your enthusiastic participation in the special offer on our book by Adam C. Engst, The Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh

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As Apple releases several new computers this week (see TidBITS #195 for more details on those machines), Pythaeus tells us that they'll be making a strong commitment to upgradeability with a "Ready for PowerPC upgrade" promotion

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MORE, MORE, Dinosaur

While reviewing Inspiration 4.0 for TidBITS #180, I meant to compare it as an outliner with Acta, but the winner kept turning out to be MORE, which I had never meant to consider seriously, and of which I had only an outmoded version (2.0) to examine