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So what does John Sculley’s new company do? How do you stop those nasty NDN bounces from FirstClass bulletin boards? Where can you snag the new Apple Modem Tool 1.5? Find the answers to these questions in this issue, along with a look at Apple’s new pricing scheme, a report on the famed free Color It deal, a review of the Handeze gloves that have significantly helped our RSI problems, and announcements of updates to MacTools and QUED/M.

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It's been a busy afternoon. I finally broke down and purchased a Centris 660AV (but unfortunately one with the new manual inject floppy drive) to replace my SE/30, which will eventually handle server duties

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MacTools 3.0

MacTools 3.0 is now available from Central Point Software with new features, including TrashBack and AutoCheck, two System 7-only utilities that enable one-step file undeleting from the Finder's Special menu and automatic background disk checking

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New QUED/M -- Nisus Software recently released an update to their popular programmer's editor, QUED/M. The new QUED/M 2.6 includes links to Symantec's THINK C 6.0 environment so that you can use QUED/M instead of THINK's editor

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PageMaker 5.0 Quirk

PageMaker 5.0 Quirk -- Jon.Hersh writes: PageMaker 5.0 has lots of neat new features and is a terrific next step for those of us who don't want to use QuarkXPress, but one "feature" I've come across will confuse some folks

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Apple external drives

Apple external drives seem to have reappeared, and Apple advertised them in the 18-Oct-93 issue of MacWEEK. Apple is selling three drives - a 160 MB for $369, a 230 MB for $479, and a 500 MB for $799 - and all drives come with Central Point Safe & Sound, Central Point Backup, DiskDoubler, and Apple HD SC Setup

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Sayonara, SRP

Technical Support Coordinator, BAKA Computers Reviews are mixed so far on Apple's announcement last week that they're doing away with the "Suggested Retail Price" and will instead publish street prices "more in line with the market" in the future

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Apple Modem Tool 1.5

Apple has finished version 1.5 of the Apple Modem Tool, and modem users would do well to check it out. Major improvements include MNP support in software and additions to the user interface that enable you to create and edit a pop-up menu of frequently dialed phone numbers and to create and edit new modem types

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The Dreaded NDN

People who run mailing lists, and even some who simply post to Usenet, have had messages bounce back to them with "NDN" in the Subject line. These bounces come from FirstClass BBSes running the PostalUnion UUCP gateway, and usually stem from an incorrect setup

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Get Some Color

One of the most audacious marketing moves in recent times comes from MicroFrontier, a small company little-known in the Macintosh market. In the past their programs have been marketed by other companies, and that was true of Color It, their image editing and color paint program, which until recently lived in the Timeworks stable

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Sculley’s New Job

A number of readers wrote in with more details regarding Spectrum Information Technologies, the company that hired John Sculley as CEO. Whether or not you like Sculley, under his leadership Apple grew at an incredible rate, so it might be worth watching Spectrum in the future. Apparently, Spectrum works in the field of linking computers with cellular phones

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Handeze Gloves

As many of you know, I suffer from a mild case of carpal tunnel syndrome, one of the many conditions collectively called repetitive stress injuries, or RSI