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As the anticipation for PowerPC news builds, we bring the bad news of another virus sighting and the decimation of the community Info-Mac archive site. Craig O’Donnell dispenses more speaker wisdom; Tom Abbott reviews a PowerBook 160 upgrade; America Online, CompuServe, and NIFTY-Serve improve their Internet access; and finally, Mark Gavini relates his discussion with Intel about why he should switch to Pentium rather than buy a PowerPC Mac.

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The big news last week was the decimation of the Info-Mac archive site at by an unknown cracker. This troglodyte seems to have gotten his jollies deleting hundreds of files at a public Internet resource and depositing kiddie-porn, along with an undoubtedly bogus email address

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Jonathan Schultz

Jonathan Schultz reminded us that Alarming Events is one of several former CE Software products that are now published and supported by PrairieSoft, not a current CE product as we implied in TidBITS #215

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Connectix has announced plans to port RAM Doubler to the Power Macs sometime in the next few months. I don't believe the current version works on the Power Macs under emulation mode, which isn't too surprising given the low level at which it hooks into the operating system

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Claris Resolve

Claris Resolve has faded away entirely, with Claris announcing that it will no longer continue development work on the spreadsheet. Claris will continue to support Resolve until 31-Mar-95 and will sell Resolve through 31-Mar-94

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Positive Experiences?

Positive Experiences? -- Craig Isaacs wrote to suggest that we not only talk about negative (but constructive) experiences in our Caveat Emptor column, but also positive experiences

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Floppy Concerns

Floppy Concerns -- There has been concern that people would have trouble replacing the floppy drive in an old SE/30 or Plus, since those machines cannot physically accept the new manual inject drives

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PowerPC Intro

Technical Support Coordinator, BAKA Computers The 21st century is close at hand, and we're impressed that Apple is doing a better job of taking advantage of technology at its disposal

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New Virus, Updates Announced

According to a bulletin from Professor Gene Spafford of Purdue University, a new Macintosh virus was recently discovered by Mac users in Italy. This virus, dubbed "INIT-9403," has the potential to erase information on hard disks attached to infected computers. The virus apparently was initially spread through altered versions of pirated commercial software

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Internet Access Improves, Sort Of

For those thousands of people trapped on America Online and yearning to escape onto the Internet, well, you still can't. But the gates were lowered slightly last week when AOL provided access to Usenet news via an interface that's somewhat similar to the one used for reading forums on AOL

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Speaker Notes

Author of Cool Mac Sounds, Second Edition People complain that the low cost Sony speakers such as the SRS57 and SRS58 models "cut off" beeps because they power down when there's no audio signal

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A Conversation With Intel

As you might have seen, Intel is running ads in MacWEEK and other Macintosh magazines touting their 80x86 chip architecture as an alternative to the PowerPC chip as developed by Apple, IBM, and Motorola. I called the number, received the literature and called the 800 number they reference for technical questions (I encourage you and all your Macintosh friends to do the same