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This week we examine Novell’s purchase of WordPerfect more closely, announce the latest version of Easy View along with Unix and Windows versions, and take a look at new Quantum drives and reports that they may be in short supply. Mark Anbinder reviews the sad state of fax software for the Power Macs, and Brian Kendig gazes into the future of Apple’s system software.

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Paul Durrant

Paul Durrant and Steve Dobbs note that the slightly smaller screen in the MessagePad 110 is not a problem, as mentioned in TidBITS #218, but in fact an excellent reminder to developers to check for screen size at runtime rather than assuming a certain size

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Cliff Miller

Cliff Miller of Pacific HiTech comments on Info-Mac that they have remastered the Info-Mac 3 CD-ROM to work around a conflict between the premastering software and NEC driver software

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Quantum Drives & Prices

Hard drive maker Quantum Corp. has introduced several new lines of drives, including the intriguing Grand Prix 4280 and 2140, which are 4.2 GB and 2.1 GB drives designed for multimedia applications

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Novell Buys WordPerfect

The short lead time for electronic publications can be fun at times. I added the comment about Novell buying WordPerfect to TidBITS #218 after a friend mentioned it during a phone call around 10:00 PM Monday night

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Fax Modems & Power Macs

Director of Technical Services, Baka Industries Inc. Global Village Communication, developers of the TelePort and PowerPort modem series, have told us that the GlobalFax software that accompanies their modems is incompatible with the new Power Macs

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Easy View Spreads Out

The browser of choice for TidBITS has long been Easy View, Akif Eyler's simple setext browser for the Macintosh. That's not about to change any time soon, what with Akif's most recent update, Easy View 2.44, and those who enjoy TidBITS but read it on Windows or Unix systems might appreciate new programs that can browse setext files on those platforms. Before I get into the new features and fixes in Easy View, consider some of the features it has long had, including the capability to search for a word or phrase and extract all the matching articles to a text file and the capability to decode the styles used in our setext format (including bold, underline, and separate body and headlines styles, all of which are user-definable)

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Future System Software

While the Power Macs capture the public's attention, Apple is hard at work on many other things. Here are a few of them: The $549 Macintosh Application Environment was introduced just after the Power Macs on March 15th