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A few fruits of our labor appear this week with announcements of a TidBITS World-Wide Web site and of Tonya’s book about Word 5. The issue swells to its usual size with information about what degrees Kelvin means in relation to a monitor, a quick look at an updated version of In/Out, a review of Robin Williams’s book about fonts, and details about PowerPC-based Workgroup Servers and a PowerPC upgrade for the Quadra 900/950.

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AppleSearch 1.0.1

AppleSearch 1.0.1 is compatible with Power Macintosh computers and Apple's new PowerPC-based Workgroup Servers. The new version of Apple's textual search engine will be available in the form of a patch that can be applied to version 1.0 of the server software, and to the AppleSearch Trial CD

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CompuServe’s Internet Plans

CompuServe's Internet Plans -- Pythaeus writes to tell us that CompuServe is testing a version of CompuServe Information Manager that enables users to telnet out of CompuServe and to use anonymous FTP to get files

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The Stealth Stylus

The Stealth Stylus is one of a set of new writing implements from WriteWare designed for use with Newton MessagePads and other pen-based PDAs. We wrote in TidBITS #211 about the company's plastic stylus inserts for popular pens; the new products are the user who doesn't want to sacrifice a favorite Cross or Sheaffer

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The Word Book

If you use Microsoft Word, you might be interested in checking out my new book, The Word Book for Macintosh Users (ISBN#1-56830-088-3), fresh off the presses from Hayden Books

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In/Out Server System 7 Compatible

Director of Technical Services, Baka Industries Inc. PrairieSoft, a small Iowa-based software company that was formed to take over support and development of several CE Software products last year (see TidBITS #188), has released instructions for setting up an In/Out server on a System 7 computer

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Degrees Kelvin?

A few readers asked about the reference to "color temperatures" in last week's article "Old Monitor Makes Way" (in TidBITS #223) and the measurements given in degrees Kelvin