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Apple does TV set-top boxes, Fred Showker does Macworld Washington, and Global Village drops prices on its popular TelePort and PowerPort modems. Last week’s article on advertising to overseas Mac users spawned many useful comments, and for Newton users, how would you like to read TidBITS on the Newt? All this, more details on AOL, the new PowerBooks, and yet another industry merger.

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Sorry for the slight delay on this issue - we were out of town visiting family and couldn't face putting out the issue late at night after dining in the airplane's sumptuous surroundings and enjoying the scintillating entertainment

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AC Adapters for PowerBook Duos

AC Adapters for PowerBook Duos may all look alike, but they're not all the same. Apple just introduced a new unit, with item number M4174LL/B, which works with the new Duo 280 and 280c models, as well as all previous models; it replaces M2781LL/A, introduced earlier this month, which also works with the new and old models

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SuperMac and Radius

SuperMac and Radius announced plans to merge in an $80.5 million stock swap. The combined company will have revenues of $340 million, and in standard merger propaganda, said that they intended to market and support all major products from both companies

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Performa users

Performa users can go ahead and install System Update 3.0 on their System 7.1 equipped Macintosh Performas. A helpful project manager within Apple's Performa division confirmed for us that the update has been approved for Performa models running System 7.1P, 7.1P1, 7.1P2, 7.1P3, 7.1P4, 7.1P5 and 7.1P6

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Handheld TidBITS

Computer users of all ages and varieties have been reading and enjoying TidBITS for years. Now, thanks to the advent of the Newton MessagePad, Newton users can enjoy reading TidBITS in the palm of their hand! TidBITS reader Allan Marcus uses 4D and AppleScript to convert TidBITS issues into Newton book format (starting with issue 200), and usually has each issue available within a day or so of its setext appearance. The Newton books have the same word-for-word text content as the setext files most Mac users read

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Apples and TV Oranges?

Pythaeus passed on some interesting information from the World-Wide Developers Conference that Apple held recently. Two of the important and somewhat related technologies that showed there (although one to a limited audience) were QuickTime 2.0 and ITV

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TelePort Prices Drop

Director of Technical Services, Baka Industries Inc. TelePort modems are now cheaper, according to Global Village. The company, which is celebrating its position as the sole vendor with internal modems for the new 500-series PowerBooks, announced significant drops in retail price for its desktop modem line, effective 16-May-94. The top-of-the-line TelePort/Mercury, with v.32terbo 19,200 bps data capability, dropped from $399 to $349 retail, which includes Global Village's proprietary GlobalFax software and OCR software

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Fred Does Macworld Washington

It's been several years since Macworld Expo ventured into the nation's capital. This Expo was called the Summit, held in Washington D.C. May 10 - 12, and should be called the show of contrasts. You'll undoubtedly read other reports on Macworld Expo Summit, some good, some not so good, and I suspect my impressions will be somewhat different from most other reviewers