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This issue brings you reviews of DiskTop 4.5 and Aaron Giles’s excellent JPEGView, Mark Anbinder’s notes about installing a modem in the new PowerBook 500-series Macs, a warning about using America Online’s Internet access method, and more information about the BT project to provide video on demand using set-top boxes with Macintosh motherboards. Last, but not least, read on for information about a programming CD and the SGI reality.

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I'm in crunch mode again to finish the text of the second edition of Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh, so if you could send TidBITS-related mail to Tonya at , I'd appreciate it

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Macintosh Updates Updated

Macintosh Updates Updated -- We just released a new version of the Macintosh Updates database (with all the formats in the same archive, along with a text-only file) and I've uploaded to all the usual places

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Source Code on CD

Source Code on CD -- Celestin Company recently released Apprentice, a $35 CD that offers an assortment of programmers' utilities and approximately 450 MB of source code

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Performas are moving

Performas are moving into the higher-education retail channels, just to confuse matters when you're buying a Macintosh. This means that colleges and universities can now compete with Big Bob's Computer and Vegetable Warehouse (our motto, "Buy a Performa, get a rutabaga free!")

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Power Macs outperform SGIs?

Brian Bezanson writes: As a Mac developer whose current product, Jet Stream Color Image Server, runs on SGI hardware (from the "Purple" Indigos and the Indigo 2 to the Indy machines), I can tell you they don't compare to Power Macs in price/performance. The Indigo 2 that Mr

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America Online Warning!

An alert reader writes to report on a phone call with America Online's tech support. Like many other people who have called, the phone person at first didn't know what our alert reader was talking about in relation to the America Online TCP/IP Internet access we reported on after hearing about it on Usenet

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Netware, But Not From Novell

There are two ways to look at netware, that increasingly huge body of software that is primarily available electronically and is paid for informally. (I include shareware, freeware, beerware, and so on in the netware category.) From the point of view of software producers, netware increasingly competes with the more trivial end of software products

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Netware: JPEGView

It has been my great pleasure to discover that some netware has achieved commercial quality. In particular, JPEGView, by Aaron Giles , is a useful and stable program with a good interface

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DiskTop 4.5

DiskTop has long been a popular Finder-replacement utility for people who need to work with files in ways that the Finder simply doesn't do well. DiskTop enables you to quickly browse through your files, find specific files, work with sets of found files, make files visible and invisible and so on. PrairieSoft, a new company formed by many of the employees who developed and supported DiskTop at CE Software, has purchased the rights to DiskTop