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This week we have a review of the just-released MacWeb WWW browser, the real story on using America Online over the Internet, and a review of a high tech joke book. Mark Anbinder writes about Connectix’s new RAM-doubling version of their Maxima RAM disk software, and Mel Park passes on some great stories about the original Colossal Cave – remember ADVENTURE?

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TidBITS Web URL Change

The URL for the TidBITS World-Wide Web home page has changed slightly due to some changes on the server. It is now: TidBITS.html

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Internet Providers!

Internet Providers! -- In an attempt to provide more complete information about Internet providers in the second edition of Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh, I'm seeking information about providers around the world who are not listed in Peter Kaminski's excellent PDIAL list

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Pythaeus notes

Pythaeus notes in relation to our question about what happens to the LC line now that Performas can be sold into the higher education channel that the LC line (including a new one numbered 636, so they're not ditching the line entirely) will stick around only in the K-12 market

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AOL & Internet – The Real Story

Thanks to Art Sanderson and Sunil Paul at America Online, we finally have the real details on accessing America Online via the Internet. From what they tell us, the information about the beta program provided over the phone and then reported to us is almost completely wrong

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Colossal Cave Revisited

I just received my copy of Apprentice, the CD of source code put out by Celestin Company (mentioned in TidBITS #228). My CD came so soon because I am one of the hundreds of authors whose work is contained within. Looking through the CD's contents, I was pleased to see that the source code for Advent is on the disk

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High Tech Humor

A few months ago, my mother called to complain about not being able to find computer humor books. Mom doesn't have the advantage of living near bookstores made from (and completely filling) remodeled bowling alleys, but even so, people who write computer books don't often branch out into the humor department

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[Excerpted from Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh, 2nd edition.] A few days ago, while browsing through comp.sys.mac.comm, I spotted an announcement for a new World-Wide Web browser called MacWeb, written by John Hardin for MCC's EINet group